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dr david shokrian

Meet Dr. David Shokrian

“I am motivated by the pursuit to be the best,” says Dr. David Shokrian. He finds the positive in any situation, looking beyond the problem to see the solution and the opportunities and rewards it offers. This combination of positivity, creativity and resiliency helps to set the doctor apart from his peers.

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Aesthetic medicine today can seem stodgy, intimidating and off-putting. This means many people who might benefit from a treatment will delay one or avoid it altogether. Millennial wants to disrupt this trend so that more men and women get the care they deserve the way they want it.

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Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a surgical procedure that augments the size and shape of a patient’s buttocks using fat taken from elsewhere in the body.

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Patient Testimonials

Dr. David definitely worked his magic and gave me the body that I wasn't able to accomplish with any amount of gym. He gave me beautiful curves and I'm grateful for how patient and pleasant he was throughout the whole process. Not only are my results amazing, but he is an amazing doctor, who answered all my questions and listened to exactly what I wanted. Let him change your life!

I did removal of biopolymers with Dr. David and I am extremely grateful to him and also excellent work team, the results have been better than I imagined and I barely have 1 month. I definitely recommend it and not risk traveling to other countries.

Thank you so much Dr David!!!! It’s been two days that I had my surgery and I’m so happy with my Results. You gave me that waist and curves that I always wanted, after having my two kids. You worked your magic!!! And I’m so grateful. I can’t wait until I heal 100%.

The consultation with Dr. Shokrian was professional and honest. After three kids, I wanted to clean up some excess fat around my abdomen but unfortunately, had loose skin. After some discussion, we settled on bodytite. David isn't a salesman type of doctor. He will look and decide based on what YOU need, what is best. This trustworthiness is priceless.

I am a male patient (36 years old) of Dr. David Shokrian and had Lipo 360, BBL, and BodyTite procedures successfully completed with amazing results. I am three weeks post op and I can honestly say this has by far been the best experience that I could have ever invested in for myself. From signing up for these procedures and presently, the staff and Dr. Shokrian has been extremely professional, understanding, and very easy to work with.

Absolutely a great experience. Dr. Shokrian has handled me with care from the moment I contacted the office. We discussed dates, financing, recovery, expectations, my results, what the outcome would look like and he did exactly what we discussed. I’m typically a boxy shape person, now I would say that I am a slightly curvy person with soft curves. I’m currently 9 days out from surgery and my recovery has been exceptionally good.

I had lipo 360 w/ bodytite and a BBL on 7/15/19 with Dr David .. I am only 1 week post op today and my expectations are exceeded! This doctor gave me the body I have always wanted, my tummy is flat (already) my waist is small and I actually have a booty!! I can only imagine what I will look like when all this swelling goes down. he is so kind, & makes you feel so comfortable!

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