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    Facial expressions play a big role in interpersonal communication, so if people always think you’re sad or angry because of the look on your face, brow lift surgery corrects your overhanging brow so your face matches your feelings. The cost of a brow lift is worth the investment to improve your confidence, allow you to show it when you’re happy and restore a youthful appearance to your face. For the best brow lift in Manhattan, call Dr. David Shokrian at Millennial Plastic Surgery. An NYC brow lift is a great way to treat yourself to a safe, effective procedure that reaps so many benefits.

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    What Is a Brow Lift?

    A brow lift is a surgical procedure usually done for cosmetic reasons. Often referred to as forehead rejuvenation, it raises your eyebrows and your forehead. A brow lift improves the appearance of your forehead, as well as the areas around your eyes. While a forehead lift removes wrinkles and sagging skin, you may want to combine it with other facial improvements available through the talented Manhattan plastic surgeon at Millennial Plastic Surgery.

    To get the best eyebrow lift in NYC, visit an experienced surgeon who understands and practices both the art and science of cosmetic surgery. The last thing you want from a brow lift is to be stuck with eyebrows that have been raised too high, giving you overarched brows that are sometimes called Spock brows after Star Trek’s famous Mr. Spock.

    Dr. David Shokrian at Millennial Plastic Surgery in New York City creates natural-looking brows for you while eliminating your drooping forehead with the deep wrinkles and sagging skin that can even affect your vision. At your initial consultation, you’ll learn whether a brow lift can help you realize the facial expression you long to project.

    Clients’ Testimonials

    An absolute delight, he was honest, kind and compassionate. Staff made me feel comfortable and I highly recommend. Thank you so much for an amazing experience. See you all again soon

    Clients’ Testimonials

    Sophia helped me tremendously if it wasn’t for her , I probably would have never gone through with my surgery! She made me feel so comfortable and like she genuinely cared for me ! I love my results so far and dr Shokrian is AMAZING with his work. I can finally say I’m happy and confident with myself. Thanks to everyone there but especially SOPHIA .

    Clients’ Testimonials

    I had my surgery done 2 weeks ago & I had the most amazing experience ever. Dr. Shokrian; the girls are very caring, they made me feel very comfortable, especially Sophia & Barbara. They answered every question I had! I’m more than happy with my results & would definitely recommend MPS to anyone interested in cosmetic surgery!

    What Does a Brow Lift Do?

    On the outside, a brow lift raises your eyebrows and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines on your forehead. On the inside, a brow lift makes you feel younger, more energetic and calmer whenever you look in a mirror. Others see you as peaceful and serene, happy and relaxed. Overall, the procedure improves the general appearance of your face, making you look more refreshed and alert.

    An eyebrow lift in NYC carries a variety of benefits, both physical and psychological. While it can’t be viewed as a quick fix for all of life’s problems, you can get a wide range of positive results from investing in your face, including:

    • Improved physical appearance.
    • Increased self-confidence.
    • Corrective purposes.
    • Career advantages.

    Improved physical appearance.

    An eyebrow lift enhances your physical appearance by correcting abnormalities, improving symmetry and reducing or eliminating visible signs of aging.

    Increased self-confidence.

    When you’re unhappy with how you look, it can have a negative impact on your self-esteem and self-confidence. A simple brow lift can boost your confidence by improving your appearance, so you feel better yourself.

    Corrective purposes.

    Brow lift surgery can also be used to correct physical deformities caused by accidents, birth defects or medical conditions. When forehead skin pushes your brows and eyelids so low that they cover a part of your eyes, it can impair your eyesight significantly. In this case, a brow lift is medically necessary.

    Career advantages.

    In some professions, physical appearance has a significant impact on your career. While a well-done brow lift improves your appearance image, it also may give you a competitive edge in the job market, especially in New York City.

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    Who’s a Good Candidate for a Brow Lift?

    A forehead lift is appropriate for anyone who is tired of looking tired or angry all the time. As long as you’re in good health overall and don’t have any underlying conditions that may compromise the procedure or your recovery, you’re a good candidate for a brow lift.

    Dr. Shokrian performs an extensive interview with you to ensure that you have reasonable expectations about the results and the cost of a brow lift. You must be willing to follow his post-op instructions for a successful recovery. He enjoys working with ideal candidates for whom he can provide a solution for unhappiness by improving your appearance. A good brow lift candidate has:

    • Sagging or drooping eyebrows that create a tired or angry appearance
    • Deep horizontal creases across the forehead
    • Vertical frown lines between the eyebrows
    • Excess skin on the forehead or above the eyebrows
    • Uneven or asymmetrical eyebrows

    What Are the Types of Brow Lift Procedures?

    There are several types of brow lift techniques that Dr. Shokrian can perform, depending on your needs and desired outcomes. During brow lift surgery, your Midtown Manhattan cosmetic surgeon makes incisions in your scalp, typically in the hairline, and then lifts the skin and underlying tissue to smooth out wrinkles and raise your eyebrows to an acceptable, aesthetically pleasing level.

    He may also remove any excess skin and adjust the muscles and tissues beneath the skin to achieve the desired results. Some of the most common types of techniques include:

    • Endoscopic brow lift. This minimally invasive procedure involves the use of a small camera called an endoscope and small incisions in the scalp to lift and reposition your eyebrows.
    • Coronal brow lift. This traditional method involves a long incision made across the scalp from ear to ear. Your Manhattan surgeon lifts your forehead skin and repositions your eyebrows before trimming away excess skin.
    • Temporal brow lift. This technique involves small incisions made above your temples to elevate the outer part of your eyebrows. It’s often used to address sagging in the outer corners of your eyes.
    • Direct brow lift. This procedure involves making an incision just above your eyebrows and removing excess skin. It’s usually reserved for people with very low eyebrows.
    • Mid-forehead brow lift. This technique involves an incision made in the center of your forehead, which allows for your entire forehead and eyebrows to be lifted.

    What Happens before a Brow Lift in Manhattan?

    Before a brow lift procedure, you typically follow several steps to ensure that you’re prepared for the surgery. The pattern at Millennial Plastic Surgery usually includes:

    1. Consultation. The first step usually is a consultation with your Manhattan plastic surgeon. He evaluates your facial features and discusses your goals for the procedure. He also reviews your medical history and any medications you’re taking to ensure you’re healthy enough for surgery.
    2. Physical exam. Your doctor then performs a physical examination of your face, paying close attention to your forehead and brow. He evaluates the positioning of your eyebrows and the amount of excess skin and tissue you have in the area.
    3. Medical tests. Depending on your medical history and overall health, your surgeon may order additional medical tests, such as blood tests, EKGs and other diagnostic tests.
    4. Pre-operative instructions. Your NYC surgeon provides you with detailed instructions on how to prepare for the surgery. This may include avoiding certain medications or supplements, stopping smoking and avoiding alcohol for a period of time before the procedure.
    5. Anesthesia. Brow lift procedures are performed while you’re under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. Your surgeon discusses the type of anesthesia he’ll use, as well as any associated risks or side effects.

    By taking these steps before the procedure, your doctor ensures that you’re a good candidate for the surgery and you’re fully prepared for the procedure and the recovery process. It’s all part of the plan that makes Dr. Shokrian the best choice for an eyebrow lift in NYC.

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    What Happens during a Brow Lift Procedure?

    During the procedure, you’re placed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. Dr. Shokrian makes incisions in your scalp, typically at or behind the hairline, and uses specialized instruments to lift and reposition the skin and tissues of your forehead and eyebrows. Depending on the specific technique used, your surgeon may:

    • Remove excess skin
    • Adjust the underlying muscles and tissues
    • Place sutures or anchors to hold the tissues in their new position
    • Close the incisions with sutures or clips
    • Apply a bandage or dressing to your forehead

    The procedure takes one to two hours. You may need to stay in the surgical center for a few hours to be monitored before being released to go home. Arrange for a friend or family member to drive you. Recovery time depends on the extent of your surgery and how well you respond to anesthesia. You receive specific instructions for post-operative care and follow-up appointments to monitor healing and ensure optimal results.

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    What Happens after a Brow Lift Procedure?

    After the brow lift procedure, expect some minor pain, bruising and swelling in the treated area. You may be given pain medication to manage any discomfort. Your surgeon recommends that you keep your head elevated for the first few days following surgery to minimize swelling. You must also avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting for several weeks after the procedure.

    In general, most people return to work and other normal activities within one to two weeks, although it may take several months for the full results of the procedure to become visible as the residual swelling or bruising subsides. Overall, a forehead lift provides extraordinary advantages, such as:

    • Reducing wrinkles and fine lines. A brow lift smooths out wrinkles and fine lines on your forehead and between your eyebrows, leaving you with the smooth skin you knew from your younger days, before gravity and lifestyle choices left their marks.
    • Lifting sagging brows. As you age, the skin and muscles of your forehead begin to sag, causing your eyebrows to droop. A brow lift lifts your eyebrows to a more youthful position, giving your entire face a renewed, energetic, youthful appearance that you don’t need to cover up with bangs.
    • Opening up your eyes. A brow lift can also help to open up your eyes by lifting the eyebrows away from the upper eyelids. This procedure addresses drooping eyelids that interfere with your eyesight and makes your eyes look more alert and refreshed.
    • Improving self-confidence. For some people, a sagging or wrinkled forehead is a source of self-consciousness. By improving the appearance of your forehead and eyebrows, a brow lift can boost your self-esteem and reduce any self-consciousness you may have about your face.
    • Providing long-lasting results. Unlike many non-surgical cosmetic treatments, the results of a brow lift last for many years, making it a good long-term investment.

    Are Risks or Complications Common after a NYC Brow Lift?

    Forehead lifts are generally safe, but like any surgical procedure, they come with potential risks and complications. You greatly mitigate these issues when you rely on the expertise of a renowned plastic surgeon and his team of best plastic surgeons in New York City. Some of the risks and complications associated with brow lift procedures include:

    • Infection. Any surgical procedure carries a risk of infection, and a brow lift is no exception, but it’s not common when you visit a safe, confidential and luxuriously appointed facility like the Manhattan office of Millennial Plastic Surgery.
    • Scarring. Some scarring is expected after a brow lift, but in most cases, the scars are small and well-hidden within your hairline.
    • Numbness or tingling. It’s common to experience temporary numbness or tingling in your forehead or scalp after a brow lift.
    • Swelling or bruising. Swelling and bruising also are common after a brow lift, but they subside completely within a few weeks.
    • Hair loss. In rare cases, a brow lift causes temporary or permanent hair loss around the incision site.
    • Asymmetry. There’s a small risk that the brow lift results in asymmetry of your eyebrows or forehead. Again, this potential is greatly reduced when you rely on a talented, skilled surgeon like Dr. Shokrian.

    Discuss these risks and complications with your surgeon before undergoing a brow lift. Follow all pre- and post-operative instructions to minimize your risk and enhance your results.

    What Can I Expect as I Recover from a Brow Lift in Manhattan?

    The recovery period after a brow lift procedure varies from person to person, so you must attend subsequent visits with your surgeon to monitor your healing and ensure that you’re recovering properly. Follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions carefully to ensure a smooth and speedy recovery. Post-op instructions may include:

    • Returning in seven to 10 days to have the sutures removed
    • Applying cold compresses to your forehead to keep the inflammation down
    • Taking pain meds as prescribed by your doctor
    • Avoiding exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun
    • Resting with your head raised, elevated even while you sleep
    • Avoiding any pressure or excessive motion of your forehead

    Wait to wash your hair until you get the approval of your doctor. He also gives you the go-ahead for when to resume your normal activities and when to go back to doing more strenuous exercises.

    What Other Procedures May I Want to Get with a Brow Lift?

    When your brow lift in NYC is performed at Millennial Plastic Surgery, you’re fortunate to be in the hands of a top cosmetic surgeon who offers an extensive array of complementary procedures, as well as a talented team of aestheticians at its medical-grade spa. For example, if you’re concerned about crow’s feet by your eyes, a brow lift won’t help with that. But injectables and fillers can take care of those fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes and other parts of your face. Options include:

    A brow lift in Manhattan is a solution that lasts for up to 10 years if you take good care of your skin, don’t smoke and stay out of the sun. But the aging process marches on and other parts of your face may begin to show more severe signs of aging that may bother you, especially after having a brow lift. Other surgical options to improve the appearance of your face and neck include:

    • Eyelid surgery to complete the lift produced by the brow lift
    • Face lift that ideally complements a brow lift by primarily targeting the lower half of your face
    • Mini-facelift when you don’t have the need for a complete face lift
    • Chin augmentation that takes care of a weak chin and adds symmetry to your face, often done with chin implants
    • Double chin surgery, which is good for removing excess fat in an area of your face that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise
    • Chin reduction surgery if your chin is too prominent
    • Facial fat transfer that’s ideal if your face has taken on a sunken look
    • Neck lift procedure when you don’t want a facelift, but feel that you’ll look much better without sagging neck skin
    • Lip augmentation, to give you fuller lips to complement your smooth forehead and well-placed eyebrows
    • Otoplasty when your ears are out of balance with your facial features
    • Rhinoplasty, the nose job that’s often necessary to provide you with a well-balanced facial profile

    All of these and more are available to complete your facial transformation. You’ll also find a wide range of plastic surgery options for your body and breasts at this Manhattan practice. Contact Millennial Plastic Surgery today for an appointment to start on a path to reach your aesthetic goals with an eyebrow lift in NYC.

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