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    Arm pit liposuction
    Before and After Photos

    Do you realize how the armpit and bra bulge is so stubborn to getting rid of the excess fats they have? We have noticed that making us focus more on finding a solution to this through our liposuction procedures. Dr. Shokrian says that the bra bulge part of the body is the toughest to try to get fat rid of. Our liposuction has worked on various numbers of athletes, celebrities, and fitness models.

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    Millennial Plastic Surgery

    What Is Armpit Fat Removal?

    Armpit fat removal, also known as armpit liposuction, is a form of minimally invasive surgery that efficiently removes unsightly fat from around the arms with little downtime. Removing excess fat from the armpit can result in a more slender-looking shape, enhancing the appearance of a targeted body part.

    Armpit liposuction is carried out using an exceptionally thin tube, known medically as a cannula, that enters the skin and into the fat zones down the length of the arm, efficiently destroying fat cells. A surgeon will suction away extra fat from your upper arms using a medical-grade, super-thin needle and cannula, leaving you with a more youthful appearance.

    Armpit Liposuction / Bra Bulge Fat Removal Gallery

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    Patients typically start seeing gradual results once the swelling diminishes. With time, you will find that your underarm flaps have vanished, leaving a lovely, sculpted, well-defined armpit contour.

    The effects of liposuction can last a lifetime. Once the healing process is complete, the treated area will maintain its sculpted appearance permanently as long as you maintain a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. It’s important to be patient and allow your body the necessary time to recover.

    We hope our armpit fat removal before and after gallery has let you envision your journey to an even more beautiful you. The featured real-life success stories showcase the removal of underarm flaps performed by our world-renowned aesthetic surgeon, Dr. David Shokrian, and the creation of beautifully contoured armpit indentations. At Millennial Plastic Surgery in NY, we offer life-lasting arm pit liposuction results that thrive with a healthy lifestyle.

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