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    LGBTQ+ Gender Reassignment Surgery

    Transgender surgeries are personal decisions that you and your family make together in concert with your capable, empathetic doctor. Taking the step to undergo gender affirming surgery is never taken lightly, although it can be the most transformative and freeing step you ever take. Whether you want to take it slow with just one procedure at a time or make changes in one fell swoop, you’ll find no better surgeon than Dr. David Shokrian of Millennial Plastic Surgery. With years of sex change surgery experience, this Midtown Manhattan physician helps you through every step in the process to become the person you’re meant to be.

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    What Is Gender Reassignment Surgery?

    Gender reassignment surgery involves surgically changing a person’s body into the opposite gender of their birth. People who undergo this procedure feel in their hearts and minds that they were born the wrong sex. The term used for this is transgender — it’s the “T” in LGBTQ+. There are various other names for this procedure, including:

    • Gender affirming surgery
    • Transgender surgery
    • Sex change surgery
    • Gender affirmation surgery
    • Sexual reassignment surgery
    • Trans surgery

    Gender affirmation surgery is covered by most major insurance carriers; it’s best to check with your own carrier. It’s also covered under Medicare. You have access to one of the best sexual reassignment surgery doctors at Millennial Plastic Surgery in New York. Dr. David Shokrian has the expertise and the life-affirming character to ensure you’re completely comfortable as you go through this exciting process.

    Clients’ Testimonials

    I have absolutely nothing but amazing things to say about my experience at Millenial! I was turned down by a few surgeons for their lack of knowledge with trans bodies before I was able to get consultation with Millenial. Their experience in feminizing the body with lipo 360 and bbl sold me and it was worth the wait! So so happy I decided to go with Millenial the staff was incredible

    Clients’ Testimonials

    This place was very good. The kindness and helpfulness of the staff was awesome. I loved Jess and my massages from Maribel..she was so good I wanted an 8 ounce bottle of milk and my bed after. Overall Dr. Shokrian was very honest in what he could do and what he couldn't which made my choice even easier.

    Clients’ Testimonials

    Sophia helped me tremendously if it wasn’t for her , I probably would have never gone through with my surgery! She made me feel so comfortable and like she genuinely cared for me ! I love my results so far and dr Shokrian is AMAZING with his work. I can finally say I’m happy and confident with myself. Thanks to everyone there but especially SOPHIA.

    What’s the Process to Have a Sex Change?

    This type of operation requires a series of steps be taken from start to finish. And a lot depends on the level of changes you want to make and that your doctor recommends for your particular situation. Some people choose only to have facial plastic surgery or breast augmentation surgery, while others may want the whole package to complete a total transition. However, it’s advisable that everyone going through a sexual reassignment surgery follow a set of steps that include:

    Quite often, a young person — six to 10 years old — realizes that they are trans. Their parents can be supportive by giving them hormone blockers to alleviate some of the stress due to puberty. They cannot have surgery until they are older, but they can get counseling. Dr. Shokrian spends time with parents wondering about the process for their children.

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    We can’t wait to meet you! We offer comprehensive consultations with Dr. Shokrian, and his team both virtually and in person.


    Why Would I Want to Get Reassignment Surgery?

    As a transgender person, it’s likely you feel as though you were given the wrong body at birth. Your thoughts and emotions don’t match the sexual organs you were given. To meet your needs as society begins to better understand your identity crisis, different terms have come about to describe a person’s sex or sexuality. To clear up any confusion, some basic definitions include:

    • Gender identity.
    • Gender expression.
    • Nonbinary or genderqueer.
    • Gender dysphoria.

    Gender identity.

    The sex you identify with.

    Gender expression.

    How you reflect your sexual identity on the outside.

    Nonbinary or genderqueer.

    You don’t relate to being male or female and use the pronouns “them” and “they.”

    Gender dysphoria.

    When your gender identity doesn’t match your birth gender, it leads to severe distress.

    A good example of gender expression is a tomboy. She’s a female, but prefers to dress more masculine, hang out with boys and enjoys sports. This doesn’t make her question her sexual identity, nor does she suffer from gender dysphoria. Because you express your gender outside of societal norms, however, doesn’t mean that you necessarily want or need to go through trans surgery. The same goes for nonbinary people.


    What Are the Different Types of Gender Reassignment Surgery?

    There are many types of sex change surgery, each depending on what you want to accomplish — whether you’re transitioning from male to female or vice versa and where you are on the acceptance scale of what you’re willing to undergo at this particular time. Available procedures include:

    Transgender people who suffer from gender dysphoria may find these types of surgeries necessary to be who they believe they were meant to be. In fact, one study showed that transgendered people who had the surgery were less like to suffer from emotional stress and suicidal thoughts. Surgeries may be inexpensive or extremely pricey, depending on the particular procedure being performed and how much your insurance company agrees to cover.

    How Long Is the Recovery Time for Gender Affirming Surgery?

    Your recovery time depends on the cosmetic plastic surgery. Give yourself the time and space to rest and heal. For major genital procedures — vaginoplasty and phalloplasty — the process includes:

    • Four to 18 days in the hospital
    • A week to 10 days monitored closely by a medical professional
    • Rest for four to six weeks
    • Strenuous activities avoided for eight to 12 weeks
    • No sexual activity or arousal for about three months

    Obviously, sex change surgery is a major procedure. You have to plan for sufficient downtime and self-care, as well as support from close family and friends to help you with activities of daily living like shopping, cooking and cleaning. Your Manhattan surgeon lets you know exactly what to do after the procedure.

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    How Acceptable Is Trans Surgery Today?

    It’s thought that less than one percent of the population is transgender. That’s still about 1.4 million in the U.S. alone. You can find experienced cosmetic surgeons who’ve been serving this community, like Dr. Shokrian. Not everyone who identifies as transgender chooses surgery or even hormone therapy. Of those who do choose transgender surgeries, it’s estimated that about:

    • 49 percent receive female-to-male sexual reassignment surgery
    • 51 percent choose male-to-female gender-affirming surgery

    It’s been said that: “Sex is between the ears,” which rings true for those who are trans. It’s a long journey, but for those who feel they’re not living in the right body, surgery is becoming more and more mainstream in many communities. For compassionate care by an empathetic doctor, contact Dr. David Shokrian and the staff at Millennial Plastic Surgery for a consultation. Now is the time to be who you want to be.

    Author: Dr. David Shokrian

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