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    Gummy Bear Breast Implants in New York City

    Whether you desire to restore your pre-pregnancy breast appearance or need asymmetry reconstruction due to genetic, injury, or illness-related reasons, breast enlargement using cohesive gel implants, commonly known as gummy bear implants, might be an excellent option. Dr. David Shokrian, best plastic surgeon in New York City at Millennial Plastic Surgery, provides gummy bear implants that offer a more natural look and feel with reduced risks, helping you reclaim your feminine aesthetic. Reach out to our Midtown Manhattan center to explore whether Gummy Bear breast implants are the optimal choice for your breast surgery.

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    Gummy Bear Breast Implants in New York City

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    What Are Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

    Gummy bear breast implants, also known as “form-stable” implants, offer the best of both worlds: maintained shape for a natural look and enviable softness for a comfortable feel.

    These innovative implants, FDA-approved since 2013, boast a unique cross-linked silicone gel that delivers on both fronts. Unlike traditional saline or silicone gel implants, gummy bear implants retain their shape flawlessly, eliminating the fear of distortion or deflation. Plus, their supportive yet supple composition mimics the touch and feel of natural breast tissue.

    Embrace the confidence boost of a sculpted silhouette without sacrificing comfort. Getting gummy bear breast implants in NYC is the perfect upgrade for those seeking a natural-looking and undeniably alluring addition to their curves.

    Clients’ Testimonials

    What an amazing experience I’ve had with Dr. Shokrian and his assistant, Cassie. They guided me through my breast lift procedure and I am thrilled with the final result. I always felt cared for and supported which helped to ease my anxiety. I truly appreciate such personable service!

    Clients’ Testimonials

    Sophia helped me tremendously if it wasn’t for her , I probably would have never gone through with my surgery! She made me feel so comfortable and like she genuinely cared for me ! I love my results so far and dr Shokrian is AMAZING with his work. I can finally say I’m happy and confident with myself. Thanks to everyone there but especially SOPHIA .

    Clients’ Testimonials

    I recently underwent a plastic surgery procedure with Dr. David Shokrain and I couldn't be happier with the results. From the very first consultation, he was professional, knowledgeable, and made me feel completely at ease. He took the time to listen to my concerns, answer all of my questions, and provide me with all the information I needed to make an informed decision. The procedure itself was smooth and straightforward, and the recovery process was much easier than I had anticipated. I am thrilled with the results, and I would recommend Dr. Smith and plastic surgery to anyone considering enhancing their appearance or correcting a physical issue. Thank you, Dr. David Shokrian, for giving me the confidence I always wanted!

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    We can’t wait to meet you! We offer comprehensive consultations with Dr. Shokrian, and his team both virtually and in person.


    What Are the Advantages of Gummy Bear Implants in NYC?

    Gummy bear breast implants, with their innovative cohesive gel, offer a unique blend of benefits that go beyond the surface, including:

    • Having a tapered shape at the top and more projection at the bottom, resembling a teardrop.
    • Having a much greater pliability than other implants.
    • Bouncing back from the touch.
    • Keeping a thick, cohesive consistency with less risk of rippling, wrinkling, or folding.
    • Having less chance they will rupture and leak.
    • Less scarring due to reduced contraction around the implants.

    Their leak-proof, ripple-resistant qualities, combined with their anatomical shape and secure placement, make them the perfect choice for sculpting the confidence you deserve.

    Responsive, reliable, and always delivers on time.

    What Should I Expect During the Gummy Bear Breast Implant Procedure?

    You will undergo admission into an operating theater under the care of an experienced surgeon routinely practicing surgical procedures in New York. Breast surgery with cohesive gel implants typically lasts about 45-60 minutes.

    The entire process of the procedure can be broken down into a few steps, including:

    • Dr. Shokrian and his team administer general anesthesia to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the procedure.
    • Dr. Shokrian makes a small incision, often in the inframammary fold under the breast, to place the gummy bear implants. Alternative placement options can be discussed during your consultation.
    • Subsequently, the breast implants are inserted into a pocket, usually created behind the pectoralis muscle.
    • Your surgeon will close the incisions with stitches and provide a supportive bra to enhance post-operative comfort during recovery.

    Typically, this surgical procedure primarily involves outpatient care. However, the surgeon may deem it necessary to arrange for transportation to and from the surgery as well as provide 24-hour post-surgical care.

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    Am I a Good Candidate for Gummy Bear Implants in NYC?

    If you are seeking a natural and anatomically pleasing outcome for your breast surgery, gummy bear implants may be a suitable option for you. These implants offer distinct advantages, especially for individuals with limited breast tissue, such as those who are slender with smaller breasts or those in need of breast reconstruction. It is essential to be in good overall health and be at least 22 years old to consider this option.

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    How Do I Recover After the Surgery?

    Following your surgery, once you have been closely monitored, you will be permitted to return home on the same day. Dr. Shokrian will provide you with precise post-surgery guidelines. You will receive a prescription for managing pain, along with instructions on how to care for your incisions.

    It is imperative that you arrange for someone to drive you home and stay with you overnight. During this period, you can engage in light activities around your home, but it is advisable to avoid strenuous activities for a duration of two weeks.

    Dr. Shokrian's patients, although often independent, will require some level of post-surgical assistance. We highly recommend creating a plan to ensure both your own and your family's well-being, allowing you to prioritize your recovery.

    While many of our patients report minimal discomfort, the level of pain experienced can vary significantly. In the immediate aftermath of the surgery, you may experience tightness in your chest and arms. Swelling may persist for up to three weeks after your breast augmentation.

    You may also encounter bruising and breast tenderness, typically resolving within several days. However, adhering to Dr. Shokrian’s specific instructions regarding arm exercises, which should commence the evening following your surgery, can expedite your return to regular activities.

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    We can’t wait to meet you! We offer comprehensive consultations with Dr. Shokrian, and his team both virtually and in person.

    Their dedication to providing exceptional service is evident in their work.

    Are There Complications of Gummy Bear Implants?

    During your consultation, Dr. Shokrian will provide a comprehensive overview of the potential risks associated with breast augmentation, ensuring that you have the necessary information to make a well-informed decision regarding the surgery.

    Like any surgical procedure, breast enlargement carries inherent risks, including:

    • The possibility of bleeding, infection, and scarring.
    • The development of capsular contracture (formation of scar tissue around the implant) and implant rupture.

    To mitigate the chances of complications arising from augmentation, it is crucial to meticulously adhere to both pre-operative and post-operative instructions provided by your medical team.

    Of course, as with any surgery, signs of infection and prolonged or new pain should be reported immediately. Occasionally, more surgery may be required to remove or replace the implants if these or other issues arise.

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    How Much Do Gummy Bear Implants Cost?

    Breast surgery with gummy bear implants is priced within a range of $6,000 to $12,000. The cost of your breast implant surgery can vary significantly based on the details of your individually tailored breast enhancement surgical plan. You can thoroughly discuss the specific costs tailored to your individual situation during your initial consultation with Dr. Shokrian and the team.

    Dr. Shokrian is a world-renowned surgeon with extensive experience in breast augmentation procedures, proficient in all major surgical techniques for implant placement. The dedicated team at Millennial Plastic Surgery, led by Dr. Shokrian, strives to deliver optimal care for every patient. Reach out to one of our offices today to schedule an initial consultation or learn more about insurance and the costs associated with the gummy bear breast implants we offer in Manhattan, NY, and Bronx, NY.

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