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Body cosmetic surgery is personal, which is why the best body plastic surgeon in Manhattan provides a complete array of services to provide you with the body contour you crave. From your face to your thighs, get a makeover to suit your needs at Millennial Plastic Surgery. You find body lift surgery, liposuction and rejuvenation procedures to meet any cosmetic need or desire. Your NYC doctor listens to your goals before developing a plan designed specifically for you. Call now for a consultation.

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The personal care and consideration I received is exceptional.

Why Would I Want Body Plastic Surgery?

New Yorkers demand perfection in every aspect of their lives, and their bodies are no different. If you’ve already nailed down the perfect job and that elusive perfect apartment, it’s time to work on that perfect body. Every year, New Yorkers like you elect to have cosmetic work done on their bodies to:

Improve confidence.

Give your self-confidence the boost you deserve and strut down Park Avenue with poise.

Keep up with beauty trends.

The beauty industry in NYC is booming. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest cosmetic procedures.

Reclaim pre-pregnancy body.

By the time your little one can talk, your body is ready for total rejuvenation, thanks to a number of available nips and tucks.

Get camera ready.

If you have a highly photographed event coming up, such as a wedding or vacation, plastic surgery gives you a body you’re proud to show off.

Whether you have one target area in mind or a more comprehensive body transformation, Millennial Plastic Surgery offers full-service cosmetic surgery, as well as non-surgical body enhancement alternatives, like injectables and fillers. Trust Dr. David Shokrian, the best body plastic surgeon in New York City, to revolutionize your relationship with your body.

We can’t wait to meet you! We offer comprehensive consultations with Dr. Shokrian, and his team both virtually and in person.


Clients’ Testimonials

I recently had a butt lift surgery and I couldn't be happier with the results. My surgeon was professional and skilled, and the recovery process was much easier than I had anticipated. The procedure has given me the confidence to wear clothing that I never thought I could before. I would highly recommend a butt lift to anyone considering it

Clients’ Testimonials

I have absolutely nothing but amazing things to say about my experience at Millenial! I was turned down by a few surgeons for their lack of knowledge with trans bodies before I was able to get consultation with Millenial. Their experience in feminizing the body with lipo 360 and bbl sold me and it was worth the wait! So so happy I decided to go with Millenial the staff was incredible

Clients’ Testimonials

I am extremely happy with my decision to get butt implants. The procedure was straightforward and the recovery was not as difficult as I expected. My new shape has given me a newfound confidence and I feel great in everything I wear.

What Areas of My Body Can Body Cosmetic Surgery Improve?

You can customize cosmetic surgery to suit your goals. Maybe you’ve always been self-conscious about your arms, or maybe you’ve always dreamed of a full body transformation. Regardless, common forms of body plastic surgery strategically target your:

Thanks to rapid advancements in medical technology, the world of cosmetic surgery has blossomed. There are no visible areas of your body that can’t be enhanced with body cosmetic surgery. Depending on what you want to upgrade, plastic surgery matches your overall health profile with your ideal results. You can also combine body cosmetic procedures with facial ones, including face lift, chin lipo, blepharoplasty, and other surgical and non-surgical procedures you wish.

The personal care and consideration I received is exceptional.

How Can I Enhance My Butt?

Butt enhancement is a common form of body cosmetic surgery. Trends in beauty and fashion lead tens of thousands of men and women to seek butt augmentation each year. Cosmetic procedures that improve the look of your butt include:

Butt lift.

A standard butt lift targets loose skin on your buttocks. Your doctor makes an incision and pulls your skin tighter, resulting in a smoother, shapelier bottom.

Brazilian butt lift (BBL).

The first step of a BBL uses liposuction to remove extra fat from your hips, back, love handles, chest and thighs. Then your doctor uses fat grafting to inject that fat into your butt.

Butt implants.

During butt implant surgery, your NYC doctor inserts non-toxic silicone implants into your butt to build volume.

Non-surgical or second round BBL.

Non-surgical butt lifts and second round BBLs are additional procedures that leave you with a larger butt. Injectable butt lifts use derma fillers to amplify your buttocks. A second round BBL repeats the surgery of your first BBL for a more striking result.

Butt reduction.

Sometimes, there’s too much junk in the trunk. If your larger-than-normal backside interferes with your daily activities or you simply want a slimmer look, consider butt reduction via liposuction.

Whether you’re looking to add volume to your butt or simply improve the look of your current butt, cosmetic plastic surgery is a popular method of upgrading your assets. After cosmetic procedures, your butt looks shapelier and more attractive than ever.

How Do I Get Rid of Tummy Fat?

Tummy fat can be the hardest area of your body to remold with diet and exercise. If green juices and crunches aren’t leaving you with the flat stomach you crave, the best solution for you may be body cosmetic surgery. Methods of eliminating stubborn tummy fat include a:

Tummy tuck. A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is any cosmetic procedure that removes extra skin from your tummy and repositions your skin to create a smoother figure.

Mini tummy tuck. Mini tummy tucks specifically target small pooches of skin that form below your belly button.

Full tummy tuck. A full tummy tuck leaves you with a flatter stomach by also tightening the muscles in your abdomen.

Extended tummy tuck. An extended tummy tuck is similar to a traditional tummy tuck, but it also treats excess fat along your lower back.

Non-invasive tummy tuck. Non-surgical alternatives like BodyTite tighten sagging skin and contour more flattering curves without the need for surgery.

Panniculectomy. A panniculectomy is a medical surgery that addresses excess skin in your midsection left behind after considerable weight loss.

If you’ve ever used your arms to cover your tummy, consider a tummy tuck. Your excess skin may be caused by genetics, pregnancies or weight loss. Regardless of how you acquired your belly fat and extra skin, a tummy tuck gives you a flatter, smoother appearance.

What Procedures Improve the Look of My Limbs?

Body insecurities aren’t exclusive to your butt and stomach. Excess skin forms on your arms and legs as well. Body lift surgeries target these areas and result in more contoured limbs. A few body cosmetic procedures available to improve your limbs include:

  1. Inner thigh lift. An inner thigh lift, or thighplasty, surgically removes and repositions excess skin and fat around your upper inner thighs.
  2. Arm lift. Similar to a thigh lift, an arm lift or brachioplasty pulls sagging skin taut for more toned looking arms.
  3. Lymphatic drainage massage. If you’re suffering from lymphedema — or swelling caused by irritation of the lymphatic system — gently kneading problem areas on your limbs relieves resulting pain.

Wave goodbye to your old arms, now without fear of any sagging arm skin shaking about. Bat wing arms and jiggly thighs are worries of the past with body lift plastic surgery. Additional procedures treat other body maladies or problem areas.

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Can I Get Body Plastic Surgery on My Intimate Areas?

Plastic surgery treats cosmetic imperfections around your genitals. If you’re looking to spruce up your private parts, body plastic surgery provides the changes you covet. Ways to improve your look and feel include:


Labiaplasty surgically reduces the size of your labia by removing tissue. Alternatively, it can increase the size of your labia by injecting fillers.

Non-surgical labiaplasty.

For this alternative to surgery, your surgeon directs concentrated energy to contract tissue at the targeted area to promote new collagen growth.


A monsplasty or public lift surgically eliminates the fatty bulge of extra skin that sits atop your public bone. You may also want to consider surgery for your fat upper pelvic area.

Penis enlargement.

Men have cosmetic needs as well, and this procedure enhances their manhood with injectable fillers.

Talking about your private parts can be uncomfortable, but you can trust Dr. Shokrian for his compassionate ear and aesthetic eye. He and his discrete staff strive to make you as comfortable as possible during all body plastic surgery consultations and procedures.

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How Can I Target Several Parts of My Body at Once?

Cosmetic surgery has the power to improve virtually any area of your body, and now it’s even possible to combine some body lift procedures. Body plastic surgeons may recommend a series of cosmetic procedures if you want to overhaul your entire look, as long as you’re overwise healthy. Some operations that target multiple areas of your body include a:

Lower body lift.

A lower body lift — often called simply a body lift — includes multiple surgical lifts targeting unwanted excess skin on your legs and trunk. The procedures are performed in the same surgical session. It may include a tummy tuck, butt lift and/or thigh lift. If you maintain a stable weight, the results of body lift plastic surgery are permanent, although some loss of tightness is expected due to aging.

Mommy makeover.

A mommy makeover involves multiple procedures performed in succession, all intended to give you a more toned appearance. These are specifically designed to rejuvenate your body after pregnancy. Explore gorgeous results in mommy makeover before and after photos.


A trunkplasty targets multiple areas of your body, including your abdomen and back, in one surgical procedure.

It’s common to feel some pain after any body lift surgery, but with medication and post-op care instructions from your doctor, you can manage any temporary soreness. The cost of body lift surgery varies greatly, depending on the number and nature of procedures you select. Financing options are available.

Millennial Plastic Surgery is the top leading plastic surgeons in NYC. There’s no better place to achieve the body of your dreams. Everyone has insecurities about the way they look. Cosmetic procedures provide a solution to those hang ups. To learn how body plastic surgery can change your life, contact Millennial Plastic Surgery today to set up a consultation with the best body plastic surgeons in NYC.

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