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What You Should Know About Butt Injections

Achieving a fuller, rounder, more attractive posterior can be frustrating if you try to do it on your own with workout as it takes too long. Butt injections are great options that help you get a shapely backside without going for a surgical butt lift procedure. Schedule an appointment with Dr. David Shokrian to find out how you can improve the contour, size, and shape of your buttocks with safe and effective options that deliver lasting results. Dr. Shokrian recommends the most effective butt augmentation procedure keeping in mind your aesthetic goals and uses the safest practices that give you a chance to achieve that cute bootie you want.

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Non-surgical butt augmentation with butt injections has become very popular and people looking forward to enhancing the size and shape of their butt find it an easy option. However, before going ahead with this treatment, you should know about the associated risks to ensure you do not end up with complications like pain or permanent scarring.

In addition to this, knowing how the results of butt injections differ from butt implant surgery can help you make a better choice and enjoy the appearance shape, and size you desire.

Butt Injections

What Are Butt Injections?

Butt injections are an alternative method for acquiring a lifted and curved body shape without undergoing surgery. During this procedure, the specialist injects hyaluronic acid fillers to add more volume to the buttocks or to make them shapelier. These days the only FDA-approved method is the Brazilian Butt Lift and its tailored variations, where fat is removed through liposuction from other parts of the body and transferred to the butt and hips to create a curvy silhouette.

What distinguishes butt injection from buttock implants or butt grafts is that it stimulates collagen production and can be performed without any anesthesia.

Butt injections are considered a safe and effective way to get rid of undesirable cellulite and a shapeless bottom with no downtime and fast recovery. To ensure satisfactory results, the NYC plastic surgeon customizes the procedure to fit each body type and different aesthetic desires.

Dermal Fillers for Butt Injections

Dermal fillers are gel-like substances injected beneath the skin to restore lost volume, smooth the lines, and soften creases or enhance contours. For people who do not have enough fat to go for BBL or want an off-the-shelf alternative, butt fillers are another option for buttock enhancement. However, these fillers provide a less permanent result and are more expensive as they require maintenance treatment sessions to ensure their effects last a long time.

Hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm can be used off-label to enhance the glutes, while Sculptra, a poly-L-lactic acid filler, is more commonly used for this purpose. Sculptra stimulates collagen production, the most common protein in the body that supports cells and tissues, which can have a mild lifting effect.

Using dermal fillers can prove to be a long as well as expensive treatment as 8-10 vials are needed before results are visible. In addition, dermal fillers are not a long-term solution. The results of a dermal filler lift only last for 6 months to 2 years.

Silicon or Collagen Injections

Silicone or collagen butt injections are not unheard of, but these methods are no longer considered safe, as they have been linked to serious consequences like severe pain, permanent disfigurement, and even death. FDA does not approve silicone or collagen injections for butt enhancement.

Silicon is a permanent and non-dissolvable material. This makes it very difficult to remove it in case of inflammation or infection. If it is injected too close to a blood vessel, it can result in the death of the surrounding tissue.

Collagen is also no longer used by reputable providers as it poses the risk of allergic reactions from the bovine sources from where it is obtained, as well as due to its short-lived results.

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What Makes Fat Injections the Best Way to Enhance Buttocks?

The Brazilian butt lift is considered the safest, most effective, and permanent way to enhance your buttocks. During this procedure, the surgeon removes fat cells from another part of the body, particularly the waist, abdomen, or thighs, purifies this fat, and injects it into the buttocks to create a more curvaceous figure.

Once the fat cells are transferred, they stay there for good. 30 to 40% cells die of during the transfer process, but the surgeon makes up for them by injecting excess cells. After BBL, you will notice a marked difference in the shape and volume of your buttocks, although they can shrink or expand as you lose or gain weight.

Benefits of Brazilian Butt Lift

There are several benefits of BBL as compared to other buttock enhancement treatments:

Butt Implants – Do They Offer More Dramatic Results

If you are interested in butt injections, you must know that butt implants provide more dramatic results than butt injections, especially when it comes to adding volume. The amount of filler that can be injected is limited for both fat and synthetic fillers. Fat transfers are limited to the amount of fat that can be harvested while synthetic fillers are limited to the amount that can be safely injected into the area.

Thus, patients need to discuss their body needs and aesthetic goals with the top cosmetic surgeon to understand how these non-surgical procedures will deliver desired results. In certain cases, where fat and synthetic fillers do not work, the plastic surgeon may recommend an implant.

Do Butt Implants Provide Permanent Results?

When the fat is transferred through the Brazilian butt lift, the fat cells remain in their new location. However, if you gain or lose weight, these fat cells can also change in size. There is no way to predict which areas of the body will gain or lose weight first, as it all depends on your lifestyle and eating habits. You could end up losing volume from the buttocks first in case of any weight loss.

The only way to ensure a permanent change to the buttock’s size is implants. Butt implantation only enhances the size of the buttocks. It does not change its shape. The surgeon inserts solid silicone shapes into the buttocks, which leads to firmer, fuller buttocks in the long run.

While dermal fillers with a hyaluronic acid base last anywhere from 6 months to 1 year, a filler such as Sculptra may last longer but it is not considered a permanent solution.

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Do Injections Shape the Buttocks?

Yes. Injections not only increase the buttocks size but also help to shape them. It is the biggest benefit of butt injections for patients who want to change the curve or shape of their derrière.

These days, the most desired shape of a buttock is the upside-down heart. This shape creates fullness around the hips and base of the buttocks, which then tapers into a small waist. In addition, a C or O-shaped butt creates more of a shelf at the top of the buttocks, which gives an overall rounded, bubble-butt look.

You must discuss desired outcomes with your plastic surgeon before undergoing any butt injection treatment. You need to understand the risks and types of possible results to make the best decision.

Beware of the Black Marketing Injections

Butt injections are never free from risk. Large blood vessels are located deep within the glutes, and if they are damaged, or anything is mistakenly injected into them, it can travel to the lungs and heart and lead to life-threatening consequences, and even death.

To prevent any unpleasant consequences, you must visit an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon who is thoroughly trained in anatomy deep beneath the skin. A reputable doctor focuses on your safety and ensures you get the best results.

Recovering From Butt Injections

Recovery time from Brazilian butt lift injections varies depending on the amount of fat that has been removed and the amount of fat transferred to the buttocks. You will experience bruising and discomfort during the initial few weeks, but the pain should subside after 2 to 3 weeks.

The swelling will go down slowly. You can expect a full recovery in about 6 to 8 weeks. You will notice a curvy, lifted butt that will not need any touch-ups for at least two years. Compared to other buttock enhancement treatments, BBL seems to offer the best benefits.

If you feel your butt is too flat or the hips are not curvy enough, butt injections are the best way to attain natural, gradual results. Visit Millennial Plastic Surgery to find out more about butt injections and how a Brazilian butt lift can enhance the contours of your body and add volume to your butt. Dr. David Shokrian has been helping people achieve their dream bodies for years by recommending treatments that provide safe and permanent results.

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