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Sex After Your Operation

It may seem difficult or even impossible to have sex if you are undergoing surgery and have no idea what to expect afterward. You need to learn more about your body, understand how it works, and what gives it pleasure. Dr. David Shokrian works with you every step of the way, discusses how long recovery can take and how you can make the most of your body and find satisfaction. He helps to discover what your body may like and how to enjoy yourself without feeling conscious and be happy.

Sex After Your Operation

Your Body And Sex

After undergoing surgery, you may be ready to get back to your day-to-day life, but there are many things you need to keep in mind regarding the activities you can and cannot do. One of the most significant concerns you need to ask your surgeon is if you can have sex after your operation and when.

Going through genital surgery can change how you have sex and for some people, even the way you experience sex. You will have to discover all over again how your body works sexually, what it wants or likes, and how you should go forward to ensure it’s pleasurable for you. The good news is your sensitive spots remain intact, and often you can still have an orgasm.

Neo-Vagina And Neo-Penis

You will get a vagina, a penis, or a mini penis, also called a micro penis. These are called neo-vagina or neo-penis. Neo means new. The neo-vagina or new penis looks almost the same as the penis or vagina of people who are not transgender. Your future penis or vagina will also feel and work more or less the same way.

However, there are some differences:

Types Of Penises

There are two types of penises. Trans boys or men who want to go for a penis operation can choose between the two varieties of penis surgery. They are:

Sensitive Spots

After the surgery, you still have sexy spots on your genitals, which is a good sign. The nerve endings in your sensitive spots, the clitoris or the glans, actually remain intact. However, with phallo surgery on trans males, the hotspots are in an unexpected place, usually the shaft of the penis.

When you are ready for sex and turned on, stimulating these spots can increase feelings of pleasure and help satisfy you. Most people can also experience an orgasm, but it is important to note that the orgasm you will experience now may feel different from how it did before the surgery.

Is It Possible For You To Enjoy Sex?

It is a complicated question. As no surgeon can predict the surgery results, it is not easy to answer how you will enjoy sex. It does not depend entirely on the nerve endings and sexy spots, but it also depends on you and how you feel.

If you are happy with yourself and your body, you feel relaxed, or if you feel comfortable being with the other person or you really like them, it can make a big difference and affect how you enjoy sex.

In addition to finding answers to these questions, you will also have to practice and try it out to discover your sexy spots. It includes:

You can only have good sex with someone if you know how your own body works and understand what pleases you. According to healthcare experts, it is easy to have an orgasm when you play with yourself so masturbate. Masturbation is completely normal, and it helps to find out what pleases you than when you make love to someone else.

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Adjusting After Surgery

A surgical process, whether invasive or non-invasive can make certain changes in your body and the way it works. After surgery, it takes a little while to recover and get back to normal. At first, it looks strange as it is all swollen up, and the stitches are still in. Remember, complete recovery of your penis or vagina usually takes up about 3 months, sometimes even longer. You will have to adjust to your body before it is completely yours.

Take your time to explore and see how things go.

What To Do If You Are Not Satisfied?

There is no need to feel stressed or anxious if you are not completely satisfied with the results. There may be something to ensure you can have sex and derive some pleasure from it.

Many transgender people undergo another minor intervention afterward, more commonly known as corrective surgery to get rid of the minor inconveniences. It is also essential to know that not everything can be changed. As a trans male, you will not be able to ejaculate with your own penis. It may stress you, make you sad, and affect your ability to enjoy sex too.

All boys and men are different, even those who are not transgender. Thus, the inability to ejaculate with your penis does not mean you are not a real man, as everyone has different experiences with sex. It means you have an unusual past, and it has changed the way you are now. There is nothing wrong with that. You can work towards seeking satisfaction from sex by learning your body bit by bit and seeing how it responds.

This is true for trans girls too. All women and girls are different, and if your vagina does not get moist, this does not mean you are not a real woman. It just means you are a girl or a woman with an unusual past, and you are different. Do not let this bother you or affect your ability to do well in life. Consult a doctor to know more about your body and what you can do to enhance your sexual experience.

You must understand that certain operations are more likely to have complications. It means that something may go wrong during surgery or recovery. In such a case, it can take longer before you are back to normal and happy with your body. At times it may be difficult to enjoy sex. Call your surgeon if you face any physical issues to get medical care as soon as possible.

Choosing A Sex Change Operation

For some transgender people, it is clean. They want gender reassignment surgery, also known as a sex change operation. This is different for others, and the reason they help you choose the clinic to ensure you get the best care and options.

You can also seek emotional and practical care from your doctor and other professionals. They will guide you about what to expect from the surgery and how to move on in life and enjoy sex after the operation.

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It can take time to heal, recover and adjust to sex and intimacy after gender-affirming surgery. You will have to wait till you are fully recovered and capable of resuming routine activities before you are ready for sex again. It is best to consult your surgeon to find out how undergoing surgery may affect the way you feel pleasure and what you can do to enhance your experience. Visit Millennial Plastic Surgery and discuss your condition and concerns with experienced and board-certified plastic surgeons to get the best solution. You can also look forward to getting the physical or emotional support to help you feel better and live a better quality of life.

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