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The Fluff Fairy – What is it, is it Real, and What to Expect?

Many of us dream of having a full and shapely derrière. The Brazilian butt lift procedure is the safest and most effective way to fulfill this dream by injecting fat cells removed from other parts of the body into the buttocks. The fluff fairy is believed to give people undergoing BBL the body they long for by creating the finishing touches, expanding their booty, and giving them more projection and defined curves. Consult Dr. David Shokrian at Millennial Plastic Surgery to find out what fluffing is all about, what it means, how it occurs, and what you should do to attain the best results after your procedure.

Fluff fairy is a term that is associated with plastic surgery, especially Brazilian butt lift. Patients often discuss the fluff period, what it is, and when they should expect to experience it. Even though it is something that most people are aware of, its legitimacy has yet to be verified. It is best to consult your plastic surgeon and ask what this term means and if it affects your results in any way.

Read on to understand what the fluff fairy concept is all about and if it is breally something that plastic surgery patients can benefit from.

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Fluff Fairy – What it is All About?

If you have had a Brazilian butt lift procedure or you are considering having one, you may have heard of the fluff fairy. On a lighter note, the fluff fairy is a mythical creature that comes in to give you the snatched body you have been dreaming about. It is just like magic!

After you have been through the surgery, the fluff fairy is believed to come in to create the finishing touches, expanding your booty and giving you more projection and defined curves. The fluff fairy is a mysterious and legendary expression that brings you the gift you dreamed of, like the tooth fairy in childhood. It is a fun expression used to describe the stages patients go through after surgery. It is also known as the fluffing phase or fat-feeding stage.

Is The Fluff Fairy Real?

It is essential to note that in reality there is no actual little fairy that flies around your body to expand your newly enhanced booty and gives you the curves you have always wanted. While in a way this procedure is giving you what you longed for, it is actually through a medical procedure.

Healthcare experts confirm that there is a misconception about what the fluff period refers to, and it is just a myth but the term fluff fairy has become popular in this context.

What To Expect During The Fluff Stage?

Patients undergoing Brazilian butt lifts can expect their skin to stretch out to accommodate the newly inserted fat harvested by the surgeon. It takes some time as the newly inserted fat has been taken from one or more donor areas, including the stomach, hips, back, or thighs.

When the fat is initially inserted into the buttocks, the skin feels very light. You will experience a burning sensation as it eventually stretches out to accommodate the newly inserted fat and fluffs out. Your skin is just like a rubber band. If you hold it out and put pressure on it for a long time, it stretches out and fails to go back to its original size. This process of stretching out is what patients refer to as the fluff period.

BBL fluff Staging – When Does It Begin?

Each body is unique, with different aesthetic needs. Thus, the answer to when fluffing happens after BBL will be different for every patient. There is no clear answer that will work for everyone. However, it can be said that on average, fluffing can occur within a period of 6 to 12 weeks after Brazilian butt lift rocedure (BBL).

Certain important factors affect when and how fluffing occurs. The most significant of them is your body’s capacity to stretch and expand. The manner and extent to which your body expands and stretches after a Brazilian butt lift will depend on your build and whether or not your skin is elastic or inelastic. If your skin maintains its elasticity, this process takes a short time to accomplish. Younger people have more elastic skin structures, which means they are more likely to see the results earlier.

You also need to remember that the results you see immediately after the BBL will change. While some of the grafted fat will be lost due to the body absorbing it, you can still expect your skin to stretch out to accommodate the remaining fat, resulting in that fluffy appearance you are craving.

Many people experience a decrease in skin elasticity due to aging and other factors. Also, older people may need to wait a little longer before the fluff stage happens. With the fluff experienced after BBL, you can look forward to a rounder and fuller appearance. It also has a softer structure, and with all these features, it meets the expectations.

Does a BBL Get Bigger After Fluffing?

YES. Your Brazilian butt lift will get bigger after the seemingly magical fluffing phenomenon takes place. After the BBL, your skin holds in more buttock fat than it is used to accommodating. As a result, it serves as a corset, squeezing our newly injected fat cells together for a better look.

In the next few weeks, the skin stretches and expands a bit as it adjusts to the body’s new shape. When the skin relaxes, the backside fluffs up. During this fluffing stage, you will notice your buttocks are looking rounder and will feel more natural. Also, as the fat cells relax and settle in their new place, your BBL will get a little bigger.

Even though the fluffy fairy is not the real thing, BBL fluffing is no myth, and it plays a significant role in helping you achieve an enhanced butt.

What You Can To Do Get The Best Fluff Results

There are many things you can do during the fluff period to ensure the best possible results. They include:

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Even though it is different for everyone, the fluff fairy is very much real, though not for mythical reasons as it was usually believed. The fluff period refers to the time after your Brazilian butt lift when the skin around the booty expands to accommodate the newly transferred fat. Dr. David Shokrian explains in detail the butt surgery, how it can help you achieve a fuller and perkier rear, and what the fluff fairy is all about. By following the specialists’ instructions and being patient, you can see the full extent of the fluff fairy’s work.

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