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Staten Island, NY: A Surprising Destination

People often forget Staten Island is an island. Staten Island is the smallest of New York’s five boroughs, but it offers some great things. Staten Island, NY, is a surprising destination for travelers who enjoy exploring different cultures and cuisines. With plenty of outdoor activities available year-round, Staten Islanders are always up for an adventure.

Staten Island is a borough of New York City. It’s the least populous of the five boroughs, but it has a lot to offer visitors: beautiful parks and gardens, great restaurants, and plenty of activities for all ages. Staten Island is also home to unique attractions, including the Staten Island Ferry and the National Lighthouse Museum. If you’re looking for a New York City destination that’s off the beaten path, Staten Island is worth exploring. Learn more about Brooklyn, NY: The Coolest City You Can Find.

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Staten Island is home to beautiful parks like Clove Lakes Park, with its walking trails through swamplands that are perfect for nature walks or biking trips along paved paths. On any given summer day, you’ll find people enjoying picnics and taking in the fresh Staten Island air. There’s also plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy year-round on Staten Island with its beaches, marinas, and park life at one of New York City’s most surprising destinations.

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