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Will I Have Breast Lift Scars After 12 Months?

Right after your breast lift procedure, the scarring from the incision lines is very obvious and prominent, and needs time to heal. Over time, the scars will go from purple or red color to thin white lines that are less prominent. It can take months, even up to a year, before the scars lighten and fade significantly. To find out more about breast lift and the scars the incisions can leave, schedule an appointment with Dr. David Shokrian of Millenial Plastic Surgery. Dr. Shokrian evaluates your situation and explains the incision lines needed to achieve desired results and how you can take care of yourself to enjoy the best outcomes of your plastic surgery in New York City.

A breast lift surgery can do wonders for your figure and help you enjoy an amazing, natural-looking figure within a short time. As compared to the benefits it offers, the resulting scars are rather less important. However, many women are concerned about the raised and dark lines on their breasts after surgery and want to know what to expect as time passes.

What Will Your Scars Look Like After a Breast Lift?

How will the breast lift scars look after 12 months is a frequently asked question? The only answer to this question is that even after a year, the scars will still be there. They will always be there, but they will fade away, and you will learn how to live with them.

The best way to ensure your scars are not noticeable or turn ugly is by following the aftercare instructions diligently provided by your surgeon. Unfortunately, people who do not heed the doctor’s advice often end up with the most significant scars.

Read on to what you can expect from your scarring around one year after the breast lift and what to do to keep these scars to a minimum.

Breast Lift Scars

What to Expect – Breast Lift Scars After 12 Months

It is important to note that some breast lift patients do not achieve full results from their surgery until the 12-month mark. For some women, it can take up to a year for the body to fully expel all retained fluid and completely get rid of inflammation and swelling. You will already have noticed the benefits of your surgery long before the 12-month period is over, but absolute recovery may take almost a year.

You will definitely have breast lift scars, but they will not be as noticeable after 12 months as they were just a few weeks after the surgery. You will see the pink or bright red color fades to a light pink or brown. You must remember the extent to which your scars will fade really depends on multiple factors.

They include:

All these factors can impact how you scar. Some women scar more easily than others. How well you care for your incisions during recovery will also play a significant role in the extent of scars you have.

Steps to Reduce the Appearance of Scars After Breast Lift Surgery

Your surgeon will provide instructions to ensure timely recovery and prevent long-term scarring.

They include:

According to healthcare experts, strain and tension are the leading causes of intense scarring after breast lift surgery. If you strain and reach out for something that stresses your wounds or incision site, it can stretch or even split or burst them open, which is an emergency and needs immediate medical attention. In case of dehiscence, the surgeon will have to close the incisions again, and it can delay the healing process. Not only this, but it will also result in worsening the scarring once the wound has healed. Thus, it is crucial to avoid straining and lifting any weight during the recovery period.

Breast Lift Scars After 6 Months

Breast augmentation scars after 6 months tend to have a muted brown or light pink shade. They may also be slightly raised with some light swelling surrounding the area. Even though the incisions are almost healed by this time, their appearance is still obvious, and it would take some more time for them to fade or lighten.

At this point, they also feel harder, just like a firm ridge, when you run your finger around them. If everything is progressing right, your surgeon may allow you a light massage to break down this ridge and flatten the scars.

Do Breast Lift Scars Ever Go Away?

NO. Breast lift scars do not disappear permanently. However, with time, they will flatten and lighten, making them almost undetectable. Initially, your scars will have a brighter appearance and will be thinner and more raised. Eventually, these scars will fade to a light shade that is slightly darker than your own skin, a bit pink or brown. After some more time, they will take on a whitish appearance.

Most women notice a marked difference by the time a year passes. Around two or three years, scars will fade as much as they can. You will probably be living with a light reminder of the surgery you went through.

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What Do the Healed Breast Lift Scars Look Like?

As the healing process continues, the scars will change over time. If the breast lift scars have been cared for the right way, they will have a faded, flat, and whitish look once they are completely healed.

What Are Breast Lift Keloid Scars?

Keloid scarring is an unpleasant outcome of breast lift surgery. These scars are visibly raised, thick, and even taken on a disorderly pattern which does not look good. The main reason behind keloid scars is the excessive production of collagen during the healing process. Women with darker skin are at a higher risk of developing keloid scars.

Breast Lift Scar Revision – What Is It?

Women who are not happy with the appearance of their scars after a breast lift surgery may require a revision procedure. During this procedure, the surgeon attempts to lessen the severity of the scars and improve their unsightly appearance. Consult your cosmetic surgeon in Manhattan to learn more about breast lift scar revision and how it can help you get rid of the ugly scars marring your breasts.

If you have more questions about breast lift scarring and want to know how a breast lift surgery will work for you, visit Millenial Plastic Surgery. Dr. David Shokrian helps you understand how extensive scarring can be and what you can do to keep it down. Breast lift scars vary depending on whether incision lines were made, where, and how many were used. Dr. Shokrian provides the best tips for helping these scars fade to ensure you continue to enjoy the amazing results of your breast augmentation surgery.

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