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Physical Activity And Sex After Plastic Surgery

The timing for resuming physical and sexual activity after plastic surgery can be complex as several factors affect recovery. These factors include the type of surgical procedure, the level of discomfort experienced, the presence of bandages or drains, and your readiness for physical activity or sex.

While recovery is individual, we can give you some general guidelines on when it is safe to resume physical activity and sex after your cosmetic surgical procedure.

When Can You Resume Physical Activity And Sex After Plastic Surgery?

Breast Augmentation

Physical activity, including sex, increases your heart rate and blood pressure. Increased blood pressure increases the risk of bleeding and swelling and can cause blood to accumulate around your breast implants. Avoid excessive movement for the first six weeks post-breast augmentation. In the first two weeks after boob augmentation, your incision sites may be at risk of infection or bleeding.

After six weeks, getting your heart rate up is safe, but keep the activity gentle to avoid implant displacement. It’s a good idea to wear a sports bra during sex to support your breasts and remind you to be gentle.

Breast Augmentation Anatomy

Tummy Tuck

You can usually do some light cardiovascular exercise, such as walking, immediately after surgery. However, more strenuous activity, such as brisk exercise, should usually be avoided for six to twelve weeks to prevent poor wound healing and the need for follow-up surgery.

If your recovery is uncomplicated, you may be able to resume physical and sexual activity between four and six weeks after stomach fat removal. However, avoiding undue stress on your stomach muscles is vital until you fully heal. This means you should avoid heavy lifting or exercises such as sit-ups, lunges, and pull-ups.

Tummy Tuck Anatomy


Dr. Shokrain encourages light walking as soon as possible after a BBL surgery. However, you must avoid any activity that puts pressure on the fat graft. This means no pressure on your butt, so you must avoid sitting or lying on your back.

You can typically resume light exercise about four weeks after a BBL. Still, it might be three months or longer before you can resume vigorous exercise. Sex is generally safe after three weeks. However, you must use a position that does not pressure your butt.

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Body Contouring Surgery

You may be able to start light activity the day after your body enhancement surgery. However, how much activity you do depends on the extent of your surgery. By the third-week post-surgery, you should be able to undertake light cardio exercises like stationary cycling.

If you have had extensive body contouring in several areas, you should refrain from sex for at least three weeks or until your doctor gives you the all-clear.

Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

With procedures like face lift procedure or surgical nose enhancement, the main risk is that your blood pressure could rise and cause bleeding at the surgical site or swelling in your head. Since controlling your blood pressure during physical activity is hard, it’s better to hold off on sex for at least three weeks.

If you’ve had rhinoplasty, your nose needs six to eight weeks to heal completely. Being physically intimate before you recover fully could lead to nose trauma that affects your surgical results. When having sex after rhinoplasty, it’s best to be gentle and avoid positions that could bump or touch your nose against any surfaces.

It’s always a good idea to listen to your body and use common sense when it comes to resuming physical activity or sex after surgery. If something feels uncomfortable or painful, it’s best to wait until you are fully healed before trying again.

At Millennial Plastic Surgery clinic in NYC we know that every patient is different. Dr. Shokrain will tailor a plan specific to your recovery to best meet your aesthetic goals.

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