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How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The BBL (Brazilian Buposttt Lift) recovery process is notorious for its seeming impracticality. You need to avoid applying pressure to your butt as this can cause damage. So… no sitting? And for how long? Well, we are here to provide you with the answer to those questions.

BBL Recovery Time

There is a general rule of 6 to 8 weeks of recovery time after a BBL procedure. However, this timeframe fluctuates from person to person. During the initial healing stage (4 or 5 days) of the healing process, patients will usually stay home.  Ensure you have someone who can drive you home post-surgery and assist you around the house for a few days while you recover.

Light walking around your garden or the neighborhood is recommended but nothing major. The objective is to rest! In weeks 2 and 3, pain or tenderness should subside, but swelling may still be present. You should be able to resume your everyday life with some restrictions. Continue with short walks, but avoid heavy lifting.

In weeks 4 to 5, you can begin doing some light exercise, long walks, and light household chores. Still, avoid heavy weights! Slight pain and tenderness are common. In week 6, you may be able to resume heavier exercise if your cosmetic surgeon confirms your recovery has gone smoothly.

Why BBL Recovery Is Important

Akin to any other surgical procedure, your body needs to heal. And this takes time. Don’t try to rush your healing. Rather allow it to happen naturally.

It’s important to care for yourself during your BBL recovery. Postoperative self-care greatly impacts the appearance and longevity of your new behind. Proper post-surgery care also prevents complications that may prolong your recovery.

Brazilian butt lift

What To Expect During BBL Recovery

Immediately after your surgery, you will likely experience mild to moderate pain, bruising, swelling, and possibly numbness. All of this is normal. The majority of patients require some form of pain medication for the first 4 to 5 days post-BBL.

Daily post-surgical massages can usually be started 24 hours after surgery. These are a great way to reduce pain, as well as swelling and scar tissue. Massage also increases blood and oxygen flow, accelerating the healing process.

Expect to see immediate results after your surgery that consolidate over time. Straight away, you’ll see improvement in contour, occurring in the liposuctioned areas on your body and those in which fat was grafted. After a while, this grafted fat will stabilize. However, the cosmetic results of your operation will still be evolving.

At around month 3, your risk of losing fat is significantly decreased. This is when you’ll be able to get a good idea of your final result. Between months 3 and 6, the surgeon’s carefully-crafted shape will be refined and your new curves will be apparent.

Tips For A Successful BBL Recovery

Wear compression garments all the time in the first month, except when showering. You may reduce this to 12 hours a day in the second month. Compression garments minimize swelling and fluid retention. In addition, it decreases discomfort around the surgical site and helps your skin retract.

It’s difficult to know how to sleep after getting a BBL. But the primary rule is to sleep on your stomach or your side. Use specialized supportive pillows to ensure you remain in the correct position throughout the night.

Doctors recommend that you move and stretch as frequently as possible whilst recovering to reduce swelling and maintain good blood circulation. However, avoid strenuous exercise until around week 6 or 8. Your doctor will assess you at around this mark and give you recommendations about your steps forward. Eat healthily, abstain from alcohol and smoking, and stay hydrated to flush toxins, alleviate swelling, and speed up the healing process.

Common BBL Recovery Complications

Due to more education, training, and experience, postoperative complications are rare. However, if undue or prolonged pressure is exerted on your buttocks, an asymmetrical or quickly diminishing result may occur.

Think about it. Fat has been moved from one area of your body to another. It has to now incorporate into its new surroundings. But while your body is trying to accomplish this, you are susceptible to pressure necrosis, which entails the killing off of fat cells. This is why sitting is restricted during BBL recovery. Rather avoid sitting completely, except for when you use the toilet, for the first while.

Then invest in a BBL pillow. This specialized triangular or doughnut-shaped pillow offsets pressure onto your thighs while you sit. A BBL pillow is a brilliant option for those who are required to return to an office job after their 2 weeks off work.

As you can see, the BBL recovery process is not as arduous and daunting as once thought. There are plenty of self-care tips and tricks to make your healing process as smooth as possible. So, now that you’re all clued up, it’s time to book your BBL consultation and begin your journey toward your dream body with Millennial Plastic Surgery.

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