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How to Sleep After Getting a Tummy Tuck and a BBL

Tummy tucks and Brazilian Butt Lifts (or a ‘BBL’) are great ways to increase your confidence and get your dream body. Although these procedures are well worth it, there are some tips you need to know for recovery. The most important is knowing how to sleep after BBL and tummy tuck procedures.

How to Sleep After Getting a Tummy Tuck and a BBL

While the actual BBL surgery lasts about 2-3 hours, post-surgery recovery takes about one month. Knowing how to sleep after tummy tuck and BBL surgeries will not only make your recovery more comfortable, it will also improve your recovery in general.

This is why we have compiled our best tips for sleeping after tummy tuck and BBL procedures. If you follow our tips and Dr. David Shokrian’s advice for general recovery, your dream body will be up and running in no time!

Our Top Tips for Sleeping After Getting BBL and Tummy Tuck Surgery

Your job after your surgery is simply to allow your body to heal and adjust. Optimize your recovery by following these three tips.

Sleep on Your Side

This is not a natural sleeping position for a lot of people but it is the safest option for BBL and tummy tuck recovery.

This position avoids putting pressure on the stomach (in the case of a tummy tuck) and the buttocks (in the case of BBL). If you put pressure on the affected area, this can shift the transplanted fat or hinder the healing of your tummy stitches.

If you have these surgeries separate from each other, you can sleep face down after your BBL procedure and on your back after a tummy tuck.

However, your sleeping position after a tummy tuck and BBL combined will have to be on your side. This is the only way to ensure both areas heal properly.

Use Supportive Pillows

Supportive pillows are useful to ensure you remain sleeping on your side. If you use pillows to make yourself more comfortable and stable, sleeping after a BBL and tummy tuck will not be difficult.

You can use regular pillows for support or purchase a pillow that is designed to wedge in between your legs when you sleep.

You can also try resting on a donut-shaped pillow that allows you to sleep on your back while leaving space between your buttocks and the bed.

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Create the Optimal Recovery Environment

This may sound strange but you need to encourage your body to sleep as much as possible. One way to do this is to create a very relaxing environment in your bedroom. Try to keep all work outside of this room to keep it a stress-free environment.

Particularly for those who have a BBL and tummy tuck together, try including soothing music in the background or using essential oils to optimize your sleep.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to a tummy tuck and BBL recovery, sleep is what your body needs most. Make your recovery sleeping position as comfortable as possible with supportive pillows and a calming environment.

Knowing these tips before your surgery will ensure you are well prepared for recovery.

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