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The Struggles of Driving After BBL

Aside from the struggles of driving after a BBL, activities involving direct pressure on the butt also need to be adjusted after this procedure. This includes sitting at a work desk, sitting down to watch TV, sitting down to read, and lying on your back in bed. The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and BBL skinny has become one of the world’s most popular surgical cosmetic procedures. This butt augmentation involves removing the patient’s fat from one body part and grafting it into the buttocks. The procedure adds volume that creates a lift and aesthetic contour.

driving after brazilian butt lift

Most patients who undergo a BBL are delighted with the surgery results. However, don’t underestimate the inconveniences experienced in the days and weeks post-op.

So, in this article, we cover a few helpful tips to keep in mind after a BBL for keeping pressure off your newly acquired asset.

Feeling the Pressure

The last thing you want is dents in your new flawless contour. Keeping pressure off your derriere is key to avoiding this.

Any load on the transplanted fat may prevent newly transplanted fat cells from establishing their blood flow.

Too much weight can also force the newly transplanted fat into areas of less pressure. This is known as fat shifting.

Wearing a special compression garment post-surgery will help your skin contract to its new contours. The garment applies gentle pressure across the treatment area and will help minimize swelling and excess fluid accumulation.

During the first week of recovery, sitting or lying on your back is strictly prohibited. We advise gentle, limited movement to reduce the risk of post-BBL complications and encourage healthy circulation.

Driving After BBL

Although you can’t sit directly on your buttocks for at least three weeks, you may need to drive to get to work or perform day-to-day activities.

You should avoid driving entirely in the first two weeks post-surgery and for as long as you take narcotics for pain that could impair your judgment.

Driving after BBL requires some adjustment. So, here’s a short guide on how to sit in a car after BBL.

You will need to use a BBL pillow for driving to prevent pressure between your bottom and the car seat. A BBL pillow is a firm, comfortable, contoured cushion that allows some distance between your butt and the chair. This helps to prevent excess weight on the area.

You also need to alter your driving position to accommodate the additional height of the BBL pillow and the position of your feet on the car pedals.

How do you sit on a BBL pillow?

How to sit on a BBL pillow is simple. Start by positioning the BBL pillow at the edge of the driver seat closest to the steering wheel. Raise yourself into the car, placing your lower thighs on the BBL pillow, leaving your butt over the back of the pillow and slightly raised off the seat. Lean back entirely against the back of the car seat.

You may need the help of extra cushioning at your back to help maintain your position.

Make sure that your feet are close enough to the pedals. Pressing the gas or brakes unevenly can put pressure on the implanted fat cells.

Any driving before three weeks post-op should be for no more than twenty minutes at a time. And you want to avoid rush hour and long traffic queues as well as long-distance journeys.

If you find yourself traveling longer than advised, be sure to stop every thirty minutes to walk around, stretch, and readjust your position.

And if you are wondering how to get home after BBL – you’ll need to make sure you have someone to lift you as you will have to lie face down on the back seat of the car.

Sitting After BBL

Figuring out how to sit after BBL may require some patience.

You should not sit without a BBL pillow or support under the lower thigh to take the pressure off the buttocks. In case you don’t have a BBL pillow, a rolled towel will do.

When in the bathroom, don’t sit directly on the toilet. Instead, you should squat or hold onto rails. Again, avoiding sitting for two to six weeks or any time advised by the surgeon is crucial.

Working at a Desk After your BBL

Not everybody is afforded the luxury of being able to take extended time off work while recovering. Working a desk job after your BBL may be as significant an inconvenience as driving.

And it is unlikely that most employers will be open to you working on your stomach on the office floor! Luckily, there are ways to get around having to put direct pressure on your butt all day.

The popularity of the BBL procedure has opened a space in the market for custom-made BBL pillows, and there are plenty to choose from.

Some doctors prefer donut pillows or nursing pillows, but there are various ways to keep pressure off your butt, including a bulky rolled-up towel.

If long hours of sitting are not going to work for you, then a standing desk might be a solution.

There are standing desk models that can be placed on top of a traditional desk. Multiple height adjustments allow you to alternate between sitting and standing during the day.

Sleeping After BBL

It’s important to keep any pressure off a newly formed butt during the night. Unfortunately, it is not just as simple as sleeping on your side, though. Your sides are often the areas that were liposuction, and your butt is still involved.

If you are not a fan of sleeping on your stomach, you can try sleeping at an angle facing slightly downwards using pillows for support in the front.

The Bottom Line

While recovery after a BBL can be demanding, the results will be worth it.

There are ways around the inconveniences. While sticking to the recommendations provided by the surgeon is essential, do your research into what adjustments you will have to make and invest in items that will make your recovery time more manageable.

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Being proactive in the recovery process will make the time pass faster.

At Millennial Plastic Surgery, Dr. David Shokrian will advise you on all of the above and more if you’re thinking about getting a BBL.

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