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What to Eat and Drink During Surgery Recovery

After your BBL procedure, your main goal is probably to get up and running as soon as possible in your new body. To optimize your post-surgery period, you need to know what to eat and drink during surgery recovery. We are going to explain the best diet after BBL procedures.

Your body needs to heal in your recovery period. The right foods and drinks will give it that extra bit of TLC it needs. Not only can the right foods speed up your recovery, but they will also improve your overall health after surgery.

What to Eat and Drink During Surgery Recovery

Before we tell you what food to eat after BBL procedures, let’s dive into the importance of eating the right foods post-surgery.

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The Importance of Eating the Right Food After BBL Surgery

All surgeries, even cosmetic ones, leave your body in a sensitive state. You have had all kinds of medication for the surgery and all of your systems are out of whack. This means you have to be gentle with yourself and your digestive system.

Nutrition plays a big part in healing after surgery. According to the Ohio State University, it can help prevent complications from arising post-surgery.

You are going to need to eat different foods at different stages of your recovery. It is important not to overwhelm your body with big, solid meals straight away. You should start with small, easily digestible foods like protein shakes after BBL surgery.

After your body has eased back into eating, you can start incorporating proper meals again. Knowing what to eat after BBL surgery and when will provide your body with the best tools and fuel possible to heal.

Types of Food to Eat After BBL

Your diet after BBL does not have to be complicated or boring. As long as you follow these simple guidelines, your body will be on the best route to recovery.

Whole Foods

On the list of foods to eat after BBL, you will notice there’s a common denominator: they are mostly whole foods. This means foods that are as natural as possible without being processed. For example, vegetables like potatoes are considered whole foods until they are turned into french fries.

Whole foods are rich in the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs during this sensitive time. Your body does not need the chemicals and additives that come with processed food.

So, keep your food choices as close to their natural state as possible.

Lots of Fluids

It is important to know what foods to eat after BBL but it is equally important to know what to drink. We are mainly referring to water here. No, alcohol does not count. In fact, you need to avoid alcohol altogether during your recovery period.

With any surgical procedure, we always recommend that patients stay on top of their water intake. You need to consume a lot of water to prevent any post-surgery complications. You can switch this up from time to time with a sports drink that has electrolytes in it.

Any fizzy drinks or drinks high in sugar should be avoided in the first few weeks of recovery.

Foods High in Fiber

The truth is that after surgery, you have a high chance of getting constipated. This could be because of the medication or the lack of physical activity during recovery. You can avoid this by consuming food that is high in fiber.

So, if you’re wondering what to eat after lipo and BBL procedures, a high-fiber diet is always best. The nature of these procedures makes constipation even more uncomfortable so you want to avoid it if possible.

Foods that are high in fiber include whole grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables. You can even get a supplement if you struggle to get enough fiber in your diet. Whatever way you consume it, fiber is definitely an important component in what to eat after a BBL.


When our bodies consume protein, they break it down into amino acids. This is what our body uses to rebuild tissue. You will need a healthy serving of protein with each meal to help your body restore itself.

Chicken, fish, beef, or eggs are good things to eat after BBL. If you don’t eat meat, incorporate things like Greek yogurt, nuts, soy foods, and beans in your diet.

Protein will help you ‘feed the fat’ after BBL and ensure your transplanted fat incorporates well into the body.

Healthy Fats

If you know what to eat to feed the fat after BBL, then you will be well on your way to a speedy recovery.

Healthy fats are actually amongst the best foods to feed the fat after BBL procedures. This is because they help the body absorb vitamins from all the other foods you are eating.

They also decrease your chance of getting an infection and help your scars to heal – both very appropriate qualities for your post-surgery period.

Foods rich in healthy fats include avocados, nuts, seeds, olive oil, salmon, and fish oil.

Lots of Calories

It is comforting to know what to eat after tummy tuck and BBL because it usually involves a lot of calories.

Your body is doing a lot of work trying to heal and adjust after your procedure. And you need to make sure you provide it with enough energy to keep going.

Consuming healthy fats is an easy way of getting extra calories in. If you are struggling to get in enough calories in the day, incorporate a smoothie or two that includes protein and nut butter. This is an easy way to boost your body’s energy.

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To answer your question on ‘what to eat after BBL procedures’, there are a few guidelines you need to follow.

Eat meals with whole foods that are high in fiber with a good source of protein and healthy fats. Lastly, make sure you are getting in enough fluids and calories every day.

Give your body the chance to recover well by making the right diet choices post-surgery. It will all be worth it in the end but for now, rest up, and eat well.

At Millennial Plastics Surgery, Dr. David Shokrian will always advise you on the best foods to eat after surgery to aid your recovery.

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