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Natural Ways to Perk Your Breasts

Saggy breasts are a normal part of changes in breast appearance that most women experience, especially as they grow old. Although it is a natural cosmetic change, it is not welcome and may affect how you look and feel. If you are not happy with the way your breasts look and seek reliable solutions to perk your breasts, visit Millennial Plastic Surgery. Dr. David Shokrian has helped thousands of women achieve their aesthetic goals with his skills, experience, and motivation to do the best. He knows there is no one-size-fits-all solution to address unique body needs and focuses on your aesthetic goals to determine which treatment options will work best for you.

Multiple pregnancies, hormonal changes, aging, and the effects of gravity can cause your breasts to sag and lose their round, perky shape. It is called breast ptosis. As the skin stretches, the breasts may appear elongated or droopy, making you self-conscious.

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Even though it is normal, it can be a source of anxiety for women. Breast ptosis is one of the most common conditions treated by NYC best-in-class plastic surgeons. If you don’t have the desire or the means to surgically alter your breasts, several natural remedies and lifestyle changes can help to prevent or minimize the effects of sagging and perk up your breasts.

Degrees of Breast Ptosis

Natural Ways to Perk Your Breasts

Following these natural, easy ways can slow down ptosis and keep your breasts looking their best.

Some natural ways to perk your breasts include:


A good quality, properly fitted bra provides added support that helps to keep your breasts firm and perky for as long as possible. Wearing a too-big bra will cause your breasts to bounce around, stretching the breast skin. Similarly, a tight or small bra can lead to discomfort and even hurt the breasts.

Wearing a well-fitting bra reduces the strain and stress on the breast tissues and muscles during activities and changes in life. It is essential to choose bras that fit you right in case you lose or gain weight to prevent breast stretching and sagging. Finding the correct bra size can make your breasts look slightly lifted, and in shape as well.


Bad postures are bad for your breasts too. Maintaining correct posture not only helps you look good, but also prevents various health issues. A hunched or bent back can make the breasts hang by their own weight, putting more pressure and tension on the joints and tissues, leading to premature sagging. You can keep your breasts perked up by teaching your body the right movements so that the least strain is placed on the supporting ligaments and muscles.

Keeping your back straight and shoulders pulled back evenly distributes the weight in your body, prevents chest and back pains, and protects the breasts from sagging.


A proper skincare routine is key to a great look and feel of your breasts. Moisturizing at least once a day aids in collagen production, a protein that allows the skin to have elasticity and helps to make tissues stronger and resilient, able to withstand stretching. Collagen also improves blood circulation in the breast and firms up the skin around them, keeping them perky and preventing and reducing sagging.

In addition to this, excessive exposure to the sun should also be avoided. Overexposure to the harsh UV rays of the sun not only damages the collagen in the breast skin and leads to breast sag, but also causes wrinkles and skin cancer.

Chest exercises

Your breasts do not have muscles, and you cannot firm up or strengthen breast tissue with exercise. However, strengthening the pectoral muscles underneath the breasts can help your breasts appear lifted and perky. Chest exercises such as pushups and dumbbell presses also strengthen your core and back, which can improve your posture. Regular exercise or yoga can tone your chest muscles and ensure you stay fit.

Some other exercises that increase muscle strength include:

The fibrous connective tissue and muscles can be exercised to improve the overall appearance of your chest. Standing or sitting up straighter can make your breasts look firm and perkier.

Diet and nutrition

Eating a balanced, healthy diet can keep your body and skin healthy, strong, and resilient for years. Good nutrition helps maintain an ideal body weight, which prevents pressure on the skin tissue and your breasts that could result in sagging.

You must include a proper amount of protein as well as necessary nutrients like minerals, vitamins, and calcium in your diet to improve the overall firmness and strength of the breast tissue. Drink enough water during the day to prevent dehydration and keep the skin strong and the muscles tight.

Incorporating these foods into your diet can keep your breasts in good shape:

These tips and lifestyle changes can lessen the effects of aging, hormonal changes, and ptosis on your breasts, but they take a lot of time and effort, and you may not be able to achieve desired results as you want. The only proven way to perk up your breasts is with breast lift surgery.

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Breast Lift Surgery for Perky Breasts

Breast lift surgery enhances the appearance of sagging, shapeless breasts by removing excess, stretched-out breast skin and lifting the nipples to a higher, better position on the chest wall. Your surgeon may combine breast lift with breast reduction or augmentation if you are unhappy with your size and want younger-looking, perkier breasts.

Breast lift surgery is a long-lasting solution to breast sag and focuses on trimming away the excess skin and reshaping the breasts to restore a youthful look and volume.

If you are thinking about improving the appearance of your breasts with breast enhancement or a breast lift, visit Millennial Plastic Surgery for professional guidance. Dr. David Shokrian has been working in this industry for years and understands any concerns you have regarding breast ptosis.  He focuses on your apprehensions and comes up with the best remedies and treatment options to prevent and improve saggy breasts. With state-of-the-art surgical techniques and revolutionary procedures, Dr. Shokrian works on eliminating loose and sagging breast tissue and enhancing breast location to help you enjoy an attractive breast shape in the long run.

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