Best Plastic Surgeon, NYC, NY: What Should You Expect During the Surgery Process?

If you are considering plastic surgery, it is essential to know what to expect during the surgery process. There are many different types of plastic surgery procedures, so it is essential to choose a surgeon specializing in the procedure you are interested in. This blog post will discuss what happens during the surgery process and what you can expect from your experience. New York, NY can be seen here.

During our consultation appointment at our office in NYC, we will assess your desired outcomes and develop a treatment plan to help you achieve those results safely and effectively. Next, you will need to schedule the surgery date. Our surgeon is available to answer questions about the procedure and recovery period during this time. Click here to read about Best Plastic Surgeon, NYC, NY: How Do You Find A Qualified Best Plastic Surgeon for Your Needs.

You will arrive at our office in NYC around 8 am on the day of surgery. You will then be taken back to the pre-operative area, where you will change into a gown and meet with the anesthesiologist. They will ask you a few questions and administer general anesthesia so you can sleep through the surgery. The surgeon will then make any necessary incisions and begin the procedure.

Once it is complete, you will be transferred to the post-operative area, where you will remain until discharged by our nursing staff. Recovery time varies depending on the individual and specific procedure, but most people feel good enough to return home within a day or two after surgery.