Meet Dr. David Shokrian

dr david shokrian 

“I am motivated by the pursuit to be the best,” says Dr. David Shokrian. He finds the positive in any situation, looking beyond the problem to see the solution and the opportunities and rewards it offers. This combination of positivity, creativity and resiliency helps to set the doctor apart from his peers.

However, it is Dr. Shokrian’s compassion which makes him a truly great surgeon. “I enjoy creating beauty and restoring it,” Dr. Shokrian says. “I pride myself on finding beauty in everyone.” Dr. Shokrian believes that discovering an individual’s inner beauty depends on an open, personal relationship and a thorough understanding of their unique aesthetic goals.

The doctor’s natural patience lends itself well to this patient-focused and consultative approach. Dr. Shokrian quickly describes himself as “very open to hearing what others think,” which helps facilitate the easy rapport and good communication during consultations that lead to each patient’s best outcome. Another focus of Dr. Shokrian’s practice is performing awake surgeries with local anesthesia which enhance positive outcomes. Awake surgeries, performed by a qualified surgeon like Dr. Shokrian, lead to fewer complications and less downtime and pain.

Despite his numerous accomplishments, Dr. Shokrian cares most about the people he has helped treat over the years. These patients include high-risk youths he has helped while giving back to the local community as well as individuals he’s helped abroad on pro bono surgical missions. “I love taking care of patients and seeing them do well and be happy,” Dr. Shokrian concludes.