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Knifed Up: Tokyo Stylez Shares Uncensored Liposuction Video, Undergoes SNATCHED Body Transformation!

Celebrity hairstylist and transgender influencer Tokyo Stylez has undergone plastic surgery and she’s being completely open about it while sharing her journey on Instagram. Tokyo just underwent plastic surgery Tuesday, at Millennial Plastic Surgery in NYC opting for Liposuction 360, lipo of the arms and BodyTite, a scarless lipo procedure.

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Back in November of 2019, Tokyo made her first surgical transition from male to female, sharing her journey and gathering the public support from the likes of Kylie Jenner, La La Anthony, and EJ Johnson. Tokyo said that her more recent surgeries are in efforts to “continuing to follow my journey,” she says.
The following clip contains footage of Stylez receiving her surgical procedure, which involves lots of blood and intrusion with medical-grade tools. The imagery is not for weak stomachs or the faint of heart, but check it out if you’re curious!

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If you’re wondering about how long procedures like this take to heal, we heard from Tokyo’s plastic surgeon Dr. David Shokrian MD and he explained the healing process in further detail.
“The procedure can be safely performed under local anesthesia,” he told BOSSIP. The recovery is very fast for most people. Today is post-op day 2, and Tokyo has stated that her pain is 3/10. By post-op day 5 most people are back to work. Usually post-op lymphatic massages are required and people do between 10-20 massages for optimal results. Patients should also wear medical grade compression garments following this surgery for about 3 months.”

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What do YOU think about Tokyo’s snatched baaawdy?

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