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PR Newswire – Millennial Plastic Surgery Welcomes Patients Back… With Precautions

At the beginning of June, New York City entered Phase One of reopening after the city and the state locked down to flatten the coronavirus curve. With the reopening moving forward, Dr. David Shokrian and Millennial Plastic Surgery are welcoming patients back to their practice – albeit with some significant changes meant to keep their clients and staff safe and healthy.

One of the biggest changes Millennial Plastic Surgery patients will notice is the ability to schedule virtual consultations with Dr. Shokrian. During a video consult, patients can outline their concerns, while the doctor can do a virtual exam, learn more about the patient’s medical history, and offer his thoughts on the procedure that will work best to achieve their goals.

Most patients have welcomed the shift to virtual consolations and are pleased to be able to set aside a half hour at home rather than devoting a few hours to riding mass transit or traveling into the city and finding parking in order to come to the office in person.

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For patients who prefer an in-office consultation or who need to have a procedure done, Millennial Plastic Surgery has implemented policies designed to make office visits convenient and safe as everyone continues to navigate through these times. Staff will ask patients about possible COVID-19 symptoms a few days before the appointment as well as on the day of their visit.

Upon arrival, each patient will be asked to wait in their vehicle until a staff member comes out to take their temperature and get their information. With 90 minutes scheduled in between appointments, there will be no interaction between patients and no more waiting room; patients are taken directly up to an exam room.

Another change that Millennial clients will notice is a strict requirement that everyone wear a mask at all times when in the office. This applies to patients as well as staff and Dr. Shokrian, himself.

“If there’s any frustration that comes along with these new norms, we will do our best to alleviate them,” said Shokrian. “Everything we’ve put into place has been with a lot of care for our patients – whom we missed very much during the shutdown – as well as our dedicated staff. We look forward to being able to serve both longtime patients as well as those who are just discovering Millennial Plastic Surgery for the very first time.”

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