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Mith Magazine – Dr. David Shokrian’s Medspa Becomes First to Offer Alternative to Botox

Dr. David Shokrian of Millennial Plastic Surgery, a pioneer in advanced aesthetics, is the first to offer an effective, chemical-free alternative to Botox: Forever Bloom’s Nourishing NIGHT GLOW.

Long-awaited and possibly the most important skincare product on the market, Forever Bloom’s ‘Nourishing Night Glow’ finally launched mid-February 2021 and is highly recommended as a daily regimen of everyday women who are looking for an alternative option to Botox.

California-based Forever Bloom Biotechnology Center (BRITE) is in conjunction with a pioneer of advanced aesthetics Dr. David Shokrian of Millennial Plastic Surgery, introducing you to a chemical-free, long lasting, BOTOX-FREE skin firming product.

Imagine skin firming and a youth-retaining formula like Botox, but without the constant commitment.

Imagine a serum that achieves the same results without needles and quarterly maintenance.

Night Glow does exactly that. All the benefits, none of the needles:

– Skin Firming

– Youth-Retaining Formula that achieves the same results without needles

– Lifting + Mimicking Botox Effect

– De-Ageing + Smoothing Skin Texture

– Paraben-free

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“Injection-free, technologically advanced formula works upon the underlying structure of skin on several different proteins to improve smoothness, lift and wrinkling. ⁣This incredibly advanced technology helps stimulate the synthesis of a number of vital structural molecules including hyaluronic acid, Collagens I, III and IV and fibronectins for firmer, more resilient glowing skin.⁣”

— Dr. David Shokrian of Millennial Plastic Surgery, New York

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Let’s Bloom! 🌸

Concept: @avaeleven⁣

Photography: @revolvephotog⁣

Model: @breeonacox

Exclusive editorial for mithmagazine

@millennialplasticsurgery and @foreverbloomskincare

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“Concept creation to editorial execution starts with how I want to make the viewer feel. I adjust subject matter, lighting and props to ignite an emotional response. My perfect storm is color, form, emotional energy/vibe, and a physiological response from perspective consumers. That’s what makes my branding through art a success. With Forever Bloom, the entire brand is based upon the ‘Flower of Life’ and the geometric patterns that occur organically in nature. The word “Bloom” served as the catalyst for flower choice and symmetrical placement around the model. Emotionally, the viewer should ‘feel’ the renewal of life in the glow of the skin and the natural eye flow around the flower and product placements. Creating an imagine that feels as if everything is “naturally” in the proper place is the end goal. Appearing unscripted and serendipitous is the magic.”

— Ava Eleven of @revolvephotog

(Artist behind The Night Glow’s Editorial; For Forever Bloom and MITH Magazine)

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