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7 Ways to Get Rid of Under Eye Bags

Under eye bags are mild swelling or puffiness under the eyes that give a fatigued appearance. They are common and become more prominent as you age. The good news is you can get rid of these under-eye bags with simple treatments that last a long time and help you look fresh and young. Visit Millennial Plastic Surgery in Manhattan, NYC to get rid of under-eyeMedical treatments bags, and find the best solution to fix the puffiness, sagging, and darkness under your eyes and enjoy tight and youthful-looking skin again. Dr. David Shokrian comes up with the best treatment options that refresh your appearance and help you to look your best within no time.

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Bags under the eyes can mean different things to different people. Loose skin, pockets of fats, pigmentation, and natural shadowing can all result in dark circles or bags under your eyes that do not look appealing. They may appear as minor swelling or puffiness in your lower eyelids or the skin beneath the eyes that makes you look older and tired. They usually result from fluid retention, fat moving to a different area below your eye, and occasionally, from certain medical conditions.

7 Ways to Get Rid of Under Eye Bags

Under the eye, bags can be inherited or appear due to other lifestyle habits, but if they are not controlled timely, they can worsen.

Causes Of Bags Under The Eyes

Before looking for a solution to fix the issue, it is necessary to find out what causes these under-eye bags. Some of the common causes of under-eye bags include:


The most common cause of puffiness and dark circles beneath your eyes is lack of sleep or fatigue. Too little sleep can lead to fluid build-up in the tissues under the eyes, which makes them look swollen and puffy. Extreme fatigue or staying up a few hours past your usual bedtime can lead to dark circles under the eyes and make your skin look dull and pale. The dark circles may actually be shadows cast by puffy eyelids.


Allergies and dryness in the eyes can also cause dark circles. If you have an allergic reaction, your body releases histamines to fight off the harmful agents. It can result in several symptoms, including itchiness, redness, and puffy eyes. Histamines can also dilate your blood vessels and make them more visible beneath your skin.

If you have a cold, the pressure and inflammation in the sinuses can also cause swelling under the eyes.


Dehydration is a common cause of under-eye bags. The tissues under the eyes can lose and take on a sagging appearance if you do not drink sufficient water or take too much alcohol or salt. Drinking water can plump the tissue back up and make your skin look smooth.

Overexposure to Sun

Excessive exposure to the sun can cause severe and long-lasting damage to the sun and also speeds up the aging process. The UV rays break down the collagen that gives the tissue its volume and plumpness, and the area under the eyes is particularly delicate. As the collagen breaks down, the skin begins to sag and droop, creating bags under the eyes, which can become permanent if you are not careful and seek timely treatment.

Your body also produces an excess of melanin, the pigment that gives color to the skin, in case of overexposure to the sun. Too much sun for the eyes can darken the surrounding skin.


The natural process of aging is another common reason for under-eye bags. With time, the skin begins to lose collagen, which leads to a loss of volume. As there is no plumpness to keep the skin in its place, the skin under the eyes droops. In some cases, fat that helps supports the eyes moves into the lower eyelids, making them seem puffy or swollen.

It is because the tissues around the eyes weaken, including the muscles supporting the eyelids.

7 Ways To Get Rid Of Under-Eye Bags

For most people, under-eye bags are a cosmetic concern and do not require medical treatment. You can reduce puffiness with home remedies and lifestyle changes. Caring for your skin and making small changes to daily routine can improve your appearance.

Here are some easy and effective solutions to get rid of bags under your eyes and lighten their appearance:

Cold Compress

Cooling the area reduces inflammation and minimizes blood flow which helps the tissues shrink and lessen the look of puffiness under the eye. You can place anything cold such as an ice pack, frozen bag of vegetables, chilled cucumber slices, or refrigerated spoons over closed eyes for a few minutes for temporary relief.

Before applying, wrap your cold compress in a soft cloth to protect the skin from getting too frosty. Just apply the compress for a few minutes to see the results.

Sinus Medication

If the puffiness under your eyes is resulting from a cold, sinus problems, or seasonal allergies, taking an over-the-counter decongestant can relieve the swelling and stuffiness. Ask your doctor which sinus medication would work best for you. The right medication will reduce the puffiness and swelling under the eyes and you will look and feel a lot better.

Increased Water Intake

Water makes up about 60% of your body weight. Thus, a lack of water in your body can contribute to under-eye bags. Drinking plenty of water helps plump your skin back up and reduces the temporary bags. Experts recommend drinking around 13 cups of fluids a day for men, and about 9 cups for women per day. You can try sparkling waters, flavored waters, or even water infused with fruit for maximum benefits. Hot or cold herbal decaffeinated tea is another good option.


Caffeine constricts the blood vessels and is one of the best agents to keep puffiness down. You can also apply it topically to shrink the tissues under your eyes and get rid of the bags forming there. It acts as an antioxidant and offers long-term benefits of protection against skin-damaging free radicals.

You can also consider using an eye cream containing caffeine extract, or place chilled, damp teabags over your eyes.

Minimize Sun Exposure

Protecting yourself from the harsh sun rays can reduce the likelihood of getting under eye bags. Even if you have to go out in the sun, make sure to wear sunscreen to prevent dark circles and other dermatological issues like premature aging, skin cancer, and discoloration.

Minimize your UVA and UVB exposure to keep the collagen under your eyes plump and healthy and avoid the formation of bags beneath your eyes.

Bags under the eyes do not usually signify a serious condition and require treatment, but if home remedies and skin care does not improve their appearance, call your doctor. Medical and surgical treatments can improve the look of your eyes and help to eliminate the unwanted puffiness and swelling that makes you look sleepy or worn out all the time.

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Medical Treatments

Under eyes bags are not a medical issue and get better with home treatments. If you are concerned about the appearance and color of the skin under your eyes, consult your doctor. He may recommend a more effective method to treat them.

Treatment options include:

Dermal Refillers

When loose and sagging skin is the reason behind under-eye bags, dermal fillers can be used to plump the skin under the eyes to lift and smooth the tissues. These injectable fillers are a good way to address under-eye bags caused by herniated fat pads, particularly for those seeking an alternative to surgery, and the results last six months to one year.

The dermal fillers are a long-term, minimally invasive option for creating a more rejuvenated appearance, reducing puffiness, and minimizing the look of bags.

Eyelid Surgery

Also known as blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery is the most effective, permanent method for getting rid of under-eye bags or minimizing their appearance. During this procedure, the cosmetic surgeon in NYC makes a small incision just inside the lower eyelid or under the lashes to reposition or remove excess tissue, skin, and fat deposits. The incisions are closed with tiny stitches. The existing skin is re-draped and smoothed over the lower eyelid, creating a firmer, smoother appearance, free of any sagging or loose skin.

Eyelid Surgery

Do not let under-eye bags make you look older and tired. Now you can enjoy a rejuvenated and youthful appearance by taking care of your skin and consulting an best-rated plastic surgeon. Dr. David Shokrian determines the causes of puffiness, and dark circles beneath the eyes and recommends the best ways to get rid of them. He suggests home remedies, as well as medical treatments and surgical options that reduce the appearance of stubborn under-eye bags to ensure you look more energetic and vibrant.

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