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What To Wear After Breast Reduction Surgery?

Many women naturally have large breasts, and for some, the weight of their breasts can cause severe back, neck, and shoulder problems. If you are one of them and have decided to undergo an operation to deal with chronic pain due to large breasts, you are probably asking what to wear after breast reduction surgery?

what to wear after breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery (mammoplasty) involves removing excess breast tissue and reshaping and repositioning the breast. This procedure helps to make the breasts more proportionate to the woman’s body.

Reducing breast size resolves physical discomfort and chronic pain that often comes with excessively large breasts.

Of course, you want the best results possible from your surgery. And so you must follow your doctors’ orders to avoid infection and injury.

This includes recommendations to wear a post-breast reduction surgical bra.

What Is A Post-Surgical Bra?

A post-breast reduction bra is specifically designed to be used after the surgery you have had. Breast reduction bras provide compression, support, and comfort to the surgical site for the length of your recovery. These compression garments help reduce the risk of post-surgery complications.

Traditional bras are not a suitable substitute. Even the best fitting bra can restrict bruised and swollen tissue movement. Moreover, underwire bras may cause discomfort over the suture lines or scars.

Considerations When Purchasing a Breast Reduction Bra

Getting the right bra for your post-breast reduction recovery will help aid the healing process. Here are some of the main features of post-surgical bras that make your recovery easier:

  • Support. The fabric used should ideally have a 4-way stretch. This way, it adjusts to accommodate any swelling or contraction of the breasts post-surgery.
  • Wireless bra. Post-procedure bras must be wire-free. Wire not only causes discomfort over the incision sites but can cut into the skin without you realizing it if the area is numb.
  • Soft fabric. Stiff synthetic fabric will cause discomfort. Generally, the smoother the fabric feels, the more comfortable it will be. High-cotton combinations are best.
  • Fasteners. If your bra has multiple rows of fasteners, it should comfortably fit you on one of the middle adjustments. That way, you can loosen or tighten it if necessary to accommodate post-surgery changes.
  • Seams. A seamless design will prevent pressure marks and skin irritation.
  • Adjustability. You don’t want to be stretching or twisting post-surgery. So, choosing a bra that is adjustable from the front is ideal. Most breast reduction bras use hook and eye closures which can be challenging to adjust. An alternative is a bra with Velcro that can be easily adjusted across the chest and on the shoulder straps.

Benefits Of Wearing A Post-Surgical Bra

Aside from numerous medical benefits, post-breast reduction bras provide the necessary support to the surgical area, especially during the immediate post-surgery stage.

Compression and Reduced Swelling

Compression is an essential part of postoperative care. Wearing the correct post-operative garments can significantly influence your surgical results.

Post-surgical bras also apply steady, firm pressure on the surgical area, which helps to reduce post-surgery swelling.

Moreover, compression reduces the risk of post-surgery bleeding and encourages proper blood flow to the site. This all helps to accelerate your healing.

Decreased Pain

The gentle pressure applied by compression garments offers support and can help relieve pain.

Reduced scarring

Compression can soften and break up excess scar tissue, preventing keloids from forming.

Reduced Risk of Infection

The increased blood flow from the compression garment helps to flush out any stagnant and potentially harmful fluids from the surgical area.

While all post-breast reduction surgery bras protect the skin from outside germs while you heal, some even have antibacterial additives.


Compression garments help make sure that your breasts stay correctly positioned as they heal. This encourages your skin to conform to your new shape.

Why Do I Have To Wear a Surgical Bra After Breast Reduction?

Apart from the benefits that we have listed above, gravity can significantly impact your surgery results.

Wearing a snug supportive post-surgical bra for breast reduction will relieve the strain on incisions and sutures, thus aiding the healing process.

The compression provided by a compression bra can also help breast tissue adhere to its new position during the recovery period. This will help you achieve the best results from your breast reduction surgery.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about getting a breast reduction, then a post-surgical bra is a must for your recovery. It will help reduce the risk of post-surgical complications, and ease some of the pain you will feel after surgery.

At Millennial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Shokrian will tell you everything you need to know about what to expect from the surgery and post-surgery care. This includes recommendations for a compression garment and how long you will need to wear it post-surgery.

Get in touch today to discuss how to get started with the procedure and how we can make the entire process comfortable for you.

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