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Swimming After Breast Augmentation

If it were the idea of a seaside summer vacation that motivated your cosmetic surgery, you probably want to know about swimming after breast augmentation.

swimming after breast augmentation surgery

Recovery after breast augmentation surgery takes patience. Although you might be back at work after one week, it can be a couple of months before you can resume normal activities, including swimming. Patient recovery is individual, but a few general guidelines apply across the board, including when you can swim after breast augmentation.


How Soon Can You Swim?

Most women can get back in the water a month after surgery. However, it is important not to submerge for an extended period.

Skin and tissues around the incision areas need at least four weeks to heal enough and regain water resistance.

When you get out of the water, gently dry your incisions well. Change out of wet swimwear once you are back on dry land.

If you are not healed enough to take a full dip, a great compromise is only going in waist-deep to cool off.

Risk of Infection

Both the ocean and swimming pools are filled with microorganisms, bacteria, and toxins that could cause potential infections. Allowing for the proper recovery will minimize any chance of an infection occurring.

Typically by three weeks, your scars should have healed enough to be immersed in water without the risk of infection.

Active Swimming

There is a big difference between relaxing in the water or doing a few gentle laps and actually swimming strokes that require significant arm movement.

You will be required to limit what activities you perform while in the water. Hold off on swimming strokes and doing any vigorous water exercise that impacts chest movement for at least three months.

Overexerting the chest muscles can affect the capsule formation around any implants, including gummy breast implants and alter your final results.

Sun Exposure

Scar tissue is fragile and highly sensitive to the sun. If you expose your scars to the sun too soon after breast augmentation surgery, you put yourself at risk of developing raised, red and wide scars.

Be sure to keep scars covered with UPF clothing and SPF of 30 or higher. Remember that damaging UV rays can penetrate normal swimsuit material. So, put on sunblock before putting on your swimsuit.

Which Swimsuit to Wear with Breast Implants?

Most regular swimsuits and bikini tops do not offer the support required during the healing period after your breast augmentation surgery.

Consider the following tips when choosing a swimsuit:

Final Thoughts

For the best possible results after your breast enhancement surgery, you need to take care of your body with the guidance of your plastic surgeon.

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