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How To Sleep After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Sufficient, good-quality sleep is vital in the recovery process after breast augmentation surgery. You should be getting at least 8 hours of sleep for proper healing.

sleep after breast augmentation surgery

For tissues to heal, the body increases blood flow to the area, carrying oxygen and nutrients essential for recovery. During sleep, specific hormones are released that facilitate cell repair, reduction in inflammation, and physical rejuvenation.

But pain, swelling, and compression post-surgery can disrupt sleeping patterns. This can make it difficult to get the rest you need to heal.

In this article, we’ll explore how to sleep after breast augmentation surgery and give you some tips so that you can rest comfortably.

Best Way to Sleep After Breast Augmentation Surgery

After your breast augmentation surgery, the position you sleep in is very important to the healing process.

Although swelling and bruising begin to resolve after the first week, you’ll need to sleep on your back for about four to six weeks.

For optimal results, you should sleep at an incline of 30-45 degrees. Making sure that your back, shoulders, and head are elevated takes the pressure off the implants. This helps to reduce swelling, pain, and inflammation

Breast implants cannot be under any pressure if they are to remain in place. Pressure placed on them during sleep can shift them or cause capsular contracture.

The capsule is a normal scar formation around the implant that helps prevent slippage. However, if this scar tissue capsule becomes unusually hard and contracts around the implant, it can cause deformity and pain. This is known as capsular contracture.

It may be simpler to start off sleeping in a recliner instead of a bed.

A recliner makes it easier to keep your chest raised above the rest of your body, preventing fluid build-up and swelling around the surgical site.

A recliner also makes moving into a standing position easier without putting strain on your chest muscles.

If you usually sleep in your stomach, it’s a good idea to start training yourself to sleep on your back before surgery. This will make the adjustment easier while healing from your breast augmentation surgery.

When Can I Sleep On My Side After Breast Augmentation?

For many people, sleeping on their side is the most comfortable position. Some surgeons allow patients to sleep on their sides three weeks after surgery, but this varies from doctor to doctor and from patient to patient.

By six weeks, most patients can return to sleeping on their sides while wearing a full support bra.

That said, you may notice a bit more strain caused by the added size and weight of your breast implants. Consider sleeping with a pillow beneath your breasts to add cushioning and support for comfort.

Sleeping On Your Stomach After Breast Augmentation

Avoid sleeping on your stomach until you are fully healed, and your breast enlargement surgeon clears you to do so.

Your doctor could clear you to lie on your stomach anywhere from six weeks to three months.

Lying on your stomach too soon may dislocate any type of implants including gummy bear breast implants and interfere with forming the capsule.

Tips For Sleeping Comfortably After Breast Augmentation Surgery


Sleeping in the recommended position and getting enough sleep is an integral part of the healing after your breast augmentation surgery. The most important thing is to make sure you sleep on your back in those first few weeks after surgery. This is the best way to encourage healing and lessen the risk of complications.

If you are considering breast augmentation, book a consultation at Millennial Plastic Surgery. Dr. Shokrian will go over the different procedure options available to you and give you all the information you need for your recovery.

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