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Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery: A Week-by-Week Timeline

Getting a Brazilian butt lift is an excellent way to achieve a youthful, lifted, and contoured derriere. Schedule an appointment with an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon to find out how a BBL can help you achieve your ideal silhouette and how long it takes to recover after the surgery. Dr. David Shokrian ensures you understand what happens post-surgery and enjoy impressive results at the end of the recovery period. He guides you every step of the way and gives you a chance to boost your self-esteem and overall appearance smoothly.

Brazilian butt lift has become a popular cosmetic procedure as it can enhance your buttock area without silicone implants. It is a more natural approach that involves harvesting and using your own fat to contour and shape your butt. At the same time, it also focuses on sculpting your waist, back, tummy, and other areas and slimming them to create a more pleasing body shape overall.

Every year, thousands of BBL surgeries are performed, and this number is expected to rise as its benefits come to light.

Even as the outcome of BBL is the primary focus of people considering this procedure, it is necessary to understand how to prepare, what to expect, and what you will go through during the recovery process week by week.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery – All You Need to Know

Before going for butt augmentation, you should know what is involved in BBL recovery. The way you care for yourself after the Brazilian butt lift surgery has a key impact on your results. It is best to let your recovery progress naturally, without rushing through the process. You will have to take time off work, as much as your surgeon recommends to ensure it does not affect the outcome.

Eating a nutritious, balanced diet low in sugar, fat, and salt and avoiding drinking alcohol and smoking are necessary to aid healing. Using a pillow to relieve the pressure will keep things moving in the right direction. Remember, you can only obtain optimal results by following the doctor’s instructions.

You will also have to enlist a caregiver to help with BBL recovery following surgery. This will include picking you up after your BBL procedure and assisting you daily for at least the first two weeks till you get better and resume your normal routine.

A Week-By-Week Timeline for BBL Recovery

To help you prepare for the Brazilian butt lift surgery, here is a week-by-week timeline of what you can expect after this surgery and what the recovery process is like. Whether you want to know about pain management, physical activity restrictions, or other post-operative care instructions, you can ensure a smooth recovery with this guide.

Keep in mind that everyone experiences recovery process differently. Use this BBL timeline as a general guide only.

Immediately Afterward the Surgery

You will experience some soreness, bruising, and swelling immediately after the procedure. There may also be an initial feeling of numbness. If you are experiencing a lot of pain, tell your surgeon so that they can prescribe medications to manage discomfort in the coming days.

When you arrive home, alternate between resting and taking short walks. This exercise is essential for reducing swelling and supporting circulation. The surgeon will provide detailed instructions on how to care for your body during the rehabilitation process.

You will be instructed to sleep on your side or stomach to avoid putting direct pressure on your buttocks. You can use a donut or booty pillow if you need to sit down to keep pressure off your butt. Make sure when you sit, the pressure is on the posterior thigh so that it does not impact the grafted area.

Week 1

The first week after the surgery is the most crucial time. You may feel some tenderness, discomfort, and swelling. If your doctor has prescribed pain medication, take it as directed to keep the pain away. Your surgeon will instruct you to wear a compression garment day and night for the areas treated for liposuction to minimize swelling and fluid retention. It also helps to lessen the discomfort and optimize adhesion between your skin and the underlying tissues below.

Your surgeon may ask you for a follow-up visit to review healing. At this time, he may also recommend starting lymphatic massage to support healing and treat early scar tissue. Following the surgeon’s instructions will ensure your recovery goes smoothly and you get desired results. Avoid sitting directly on your butt for at least two weeks.

You may notice that your butt appears larger than expected or it has a different shape than you discussed with the surgeon. This is not unusual, and your butt will begin taking shape within a few weeks.

Week 2 to 3

By this time, the pain and tenderness you are experiencing should subside dramatically, but you may continue to experience slight swelling. You will be still advised to prevent sitting unless it is on your booty pillow. Ask your surgeon if you can drive. Avoid heavy lifting and take short walks.

By this time, more of the excess fat cells will be absorbed by your body. As this happens, you will notice small refinements taking place in your butt’s shape and size. There will be some swelling, but it is not so noticeable. Most bruising and discoloration goes down by this time.

Week 4 to 5

By this time, you will start to look and feel much better. Most of the pain and discomfort should have subsided by now. You can begin taking longer walks and resume light exercise. You can also get back to household tasks like laundry, washing dishes, and cleaning. However, you will still be instructed to avoid heavy weights or exerting too much pressure.

Slight tenderness, swelling, or pain are normal and will continue to lessen gradually, but if you experience severe discomfort or swelling, you should call your surgeon immediately. At the same time, the liposuctioned areas will also start looking much smoother. The flow and transition in contours between the butt, waist, back, and tummy will appear more seamless.

Week 6

You should be feeling pretty comfortable by this time. If your recovery is going smoothly, the surgeon will give you the green light to resume lower body exercise. You should also be able to see more of your butt’s final shape and size, the visible results of your liposuction and fat grafts, and enhanced body contour.

Remember, up to 40% of the transferred fat may not survive, regardless of your post-recovery care.

BBL recovery varies from patient to patient. In general, the most important things you can do to accelerate the healing process are looking after yourself before and after the procedure and following the surgeon’s advice regarding what you should do or avoid during the recovery.

What Can You Do to Speed Up Your BBL Recovery?

Patience is the key when you are recovering from a BBL surgery.

Here are some tips that can ensure a smooth and timely recovery:

As every body is different, healing may not be the same for everyone. Factors like health, age, and medical history can impact your recovery time. This timeline gives you an idea of what to expect and when you can start seeing the results of your procedure.

If you are interested in knowing how BBL can cosmetically alter the shape of your butt and how the surgical and recovery process goes, visit our plastic surgery practice in Manhattan and Bronx. Dr. David Shokrian explains in detail what happens during the procedure, and how the recovery process goes week after week till you are back to routine life and have obtained desired results. He ensures you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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