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    Medical Weight Loss Pills, Medications, Injections

    Medically managed weight loss relies on weight loss pills or weight loss injections that you get from a weight loss clinic in NYC. The various options are really gaining traction and proving to help people who previously thought they could never experience significant weight loss in NYC. With the help of weight loss medication, however, you can lose those stubborn pounds and learn how to keep them off. Call the best weight loss doctor in New York today at Millennial Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation with the New York prescription weight loss specialist and take charge of your physical transformation.

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    What is Weight Loss Medication?

    Weight loss medication is a rapidly evolving treatment for the chronic disease of obesity. Taken either by pill or by injection, the new weight loss drugs are a safe, long-term solution when monitored by a trained healthcare professional. They not only help to shed up to 15 per cent of your body weight, but also lower your risk of serious health issues such as diabetes and heart disease.

    For years, people falsely believed that weight gain was a character flaw — a sign of weakness and lack of willpower. Doctors now know that’s just not true. In 2013, the American Medical Association recognized obesity as a complex metabolic disease. Studies show it’s caused by a number of factors unique to each person, including:

    Thankfully, studies from leading weight-loss research show that certain medications prove more effective than previous approaches to shedding unwanted pounds. A weight loss doctor is trained to diagnose the right medication and tools for a long-term solution to maintain a healthy weight.

    Take a confident step toward losing weight with cutting edge science. For answers to all your questions about weight loss, Dr. David Shokrian offers a range of services including weight-loss medication, liposuction, tummy tucks and breast reduction. Rely on the experienced team and best weight loss doctor in New York at Millennial Plastic Surgery for that first step to the ideal you.

    Why Should I Choose Weight Loss Injections or Weigh Loss Pills to Get Rid of Fat?

    You’re likely searching for the most effective way to lose weight so you can be happy and healthy. Even moderate obesity makes simple day-to-day activities harder and harder. The extra pounds often cause difficulties in things like:

    Another reason to choose weight loss medication is that nothing else seems to work. All of the money and the months of frustration lead nowhere. Americans spend countless dollars and precious hours on approaches such as:

    Fortunately, the medical profession has come a long way in understanding the science involved in effective weight regulation. Doctors now know that obesity is caused by a complex system of body operations. Millennial Plastic Surgery has the weight loss clinic in NYC with a cutting-edge solution for you.

    What Are the Different Types of Medication Used for Medical Weight Loss?

    Prior to 2012, few medications for weight-loss were approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). But thanks to much anticipated advancements in the field, the agency now lists a number of weight loss pills and injections that are safe for long-term medical weight management, including:

    The semaglutide drug called Ozempic/Rybelsus, prescribed for people with Type 2 diabetes, also aids in losing weight. In addition, experts are encouraged by a new drug, called tirzepatide (Mounjaro). Currently used for treating diabetes, Mounjaro is expected to receive FDA approval for weight loss.

    All these medications work with specific regions in your brain or hormones in your gut. The choice of medication depends on the specifics of your health profile. Your weight loss doctor performs a full medical assessment to determine which treatment is best for your needs.

    What Makes Weight Loss Medication Work?

    The most recent weight loss pills or injections work with your body’s unique metabolism in a number of ways, such as:

    Experts now know that weight loss medication has several benefits over other approaches to dropping pounds, including:

    Different weight loss drugs carry with them varying side effects, so your doctor takes care to determine which medication is appropriate for you. Obesity is not a curable disease, but many of the complications from it can be improved or reversed. Experts at weight loss clinics agree that managed weight loss medication is one of the best paths to improved overall health.

    Am I a Good Candidate for Weight Loss Medication?

    Health professionals consider several factors when determining who would benefit from using weight loss drugs. You might be a good candidate for success if you:

    Obesity is a chronic, or recurring disease, so like other chronic conditions, you must maintain a careful regimen of medications and routines to control it. Your weight loss doctor in New York maintains periodic assessments to help you stay on the right track.

    Will My Health Insurance Cover the Cost of Weight Loss Drugs?

    Since obesity is a recognized chronic disease that impacts overall health, many insurance policies do cover medical weight loss. In 2021, the Affordable Care Act included obesity screening and counseling services with no out-of-pocket costs. In some states, such as Louisiana, Medicaid pays for the treatments. Individual costs for weight-loss drugs depend on such factors as:

    When all is said and done, it’s pretty tough to pin a price tag on a healthier, happier you. The top-notch team at Millennial Plastic Surgery is well equipped to help you understand the ins and outs of weight-loss treatments. Contact Dr. Shokrian, the go-to weight loss doctor in New York, to discover the long-term solution that works for you.

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