Thigh Liposuction - Before and After Photos

Looking for a way to achieve smooth, toned thighs? Look no further than thigh liposuction with Dr. Shokrian. As one of his favorite procedures, Dr. Shokrian has honed his skills in sculpting and contouring the thighs, with a unique approach that focuses on the inner thigh, outer thigh, and knee area.

One of the key advantages of Dr. Shokrian's technique is his attention to detail in the anterior and posterior thigh areas, where a more traditional liposuction procedure can leave the skin loose and falling over the knee. But with Dr. Shokrian's gentle melting and tightening devices and custom-designed curve cannulas, you can achieve a thigh gap and sculpted inner thighs that match the rest of your leg.

And for those who are concerned about the fat in the back of the thigh, Dr. Shokrian also enters from the front and the back to ensure that the entire thigh area is smooth and toned. With Dr. Shokrian's expertise and THIGH LIPOSUCTION BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS to prove it, you can trust that you'll be in great hands.

Don't wait to achieve the smooth, toned thighs of your dreams. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Shokrian today and see the amazing results of THIGH LIPOSUCTION BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS.

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More About Thigh Liposuction

Thigh liposuction is a popular procedure, but it can also be one of the most challenging for surgeons to execute. The complex anatomy of the thigh makes it difficult to achieve the desired results without proper technique and experience.

One of the main issues that I see with thigh liposuction is that many surgeons do not take into account the delicate balance between fat and skin in the upper inner thigh. This area tends to have thin, loose skin, and removing too much fat can result in a divot or shark bite mark on the leg.

When performing inner thigh liposuction, I take a comprehensive approach, analyzing the area from the front and the back. I also use a posterior incision in the buttock crease, which allows me to sculpt the thigh more effectively. This approach, while more time-consuming, leads to much better results for the patient.

Many patients are seeking a "thigh gap" or "toblerone" gap, but it's important to note that this may not be achievable for everyone. In some cases, I may recommend a small crescent or half moon excision in combination with liposuction to achieve the best results.

Overall, I am selective about the patients I choose for inner thigh liposuction, as I want to ensure that the outcome will be a pleasing one. In about 30% of patients, I do not think that they will have a nice result without skin removal.

When it comes to inner thigh liposuction, energy devices such as Vaser and Plasma can be extremely effective, but it's important to use a lower intensity energy setting to avoid injury. The skin in this area is much thinner than in other areas, making it more susceptible to injury from energy.

I have experience in teaching Vaser and Plasma liposuction, and from reviewing medical legal cases of liposuction complications, I've noticed a common theme of excessive energy use in the inner thigh. To ensure the best results, it's important to remember that the inner thigh skin can only tolerate about 30% of the energy used on abdominal skin. It's important to give the patient 100% results, but with less energy, so that the skin is not damaged.

For patients seeking inner thigh liposuction, it's wise and thoughtful to always seek help from a surgeon or a doctor who is comfortable with the structure and has appropriate and modern tools, technology, and experience to deliver desired results. With the right surgeon and approach, inner thigh liposuction can be a highly effective way to achieve smooth and toned legs.

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Thigh Liposuction Recovery

One thing about the inner thigh liposuction treating just the upper inner thigh can result in a longer recovery time. Patients may need to wear compression garments above the knee for up to two weeks.

However, by incorporating micro knee liposuction and sculpting, patients can achieve a more dramatic transformation of their legs with a shorter recovery time. The compression garment can extend past the knee, allowing patients to walk the same day, resume social activities within 48 hours, and return to exercise in just 3 weeks.

In addition to the shorter recovery time, this approach also helps to achieve a more balanced and proportionate look to the legs by addressing the knee area as well. So, if you want to achieve a smooth and toned legs with minimal downtime, consider incorporating micro knee liposuction and sculpting with your inner thigh liposuction treatment.

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