LIPO 360 - Before and After Photos

What is it all about LIPO 360?

Over the past 5,000 patients, we have evaluated, analyzed, and gathered all accessible resources to assist you in achieving the best Lipo360 results possible. If you see the LIPO 360 before & after photos you will be impressed. When these areas are treated, the improvement in quality of life from feeling confident both in and out of outfits is maximized.

Our Lipo360 sculpts the hourglass figure in women, but Dr. Shokrian is skilled at customizing the person's appearance because a large number of women seek to get different amazing shapes. Everyone's abdominal goal is to be a flat, slim, natural-looking version of themselves. As these are trouble areas for many men, our liposuction boldly aims at the flanks, or the love handles, to make sure that male patients attain an amazing look and get the best feelings in slim-fitting clothing.

Why is the approach we use unique?

 Our extensive Lipo 360 experience has made us acutely aware of the power that Vaser and plasma have in their functioning. By combining these technologies with our liposuction techniques, our liposuction experts have been able to achieve game-changing liposuction results.

As we progress in our goal to achieve perfection in liposuction of the belly and waist, popularly known as Lipo 360, we have realized the importance of drains. With the use of drains, we generate an inflammatory process that easily heals faster and better. We use all types of drains, and the type of drain will be explained in the custom strategy for your liposuction procedure.

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Recuperation and care after lipo 360 use

As with many things in life, Gorgeous liposuction outcomes result from multiple sources collaborating for a common goal. We do have lymphatic drainage network specialists who can help reduce liposuction inflammation and speed up Lipo 360 healing. I recommend at least two sessions per week for the first three weeks. You will start noticing that it takes only three to four weeks to notice a significant improvement. Combining our high-tech Lipo 360 surgical procedure accompanied by lymphatic drainage massage experts as well as leading a healthy lifestyle will enable you to achieve your ideal body.

Check out our Before/After images of Liposuction 360 procedures:

lipo 360 before after
lipo 360 mommy makeover
lipo 360
liposuction 360 before after
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