Abdomen and Waist Liposuction - Before and After Photos

The stomach and waist are the two most commonly treated body areas with liposuction. When the two are worked, they tend to improve the quality of life of the person to feeling confident in and out of outfits is improved to the highest levels possible. You should see abdomen and waist liposuction before & after photos.

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Our liposuction focuses on sculpting the hourglass figure in women. Still, Dr. Shokrian is skilled at customizing appearances to the person because today, many women want to have various different shapes that look great in each one of them. Everyone's tummy goal is to be a slim, flat, and natural, as these are trouble areas for a significant percentage of men. The liposuction we conduct aggressively aims at the flanks to ensure that male patients get the highest confidence level in their fitting suits.