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    Aesthetic medicine today can seem stodgy, intimidating, and offinputting. This means many people who might benefit from treatment will delay one or avoid it altogether. Millennial wants to disrupt this trend so that more men and women get the care they deserve the way they want it.

    Millennial Plastic Surgery

    Find the Best Plastic Surgeon in Westchester County, NY

    Best Plastic Surgeon Westchester County, NYSearching for a plastic surgeon in Westchester County, NY? Explore the services of Millennial Plastic Surgery, conveniently located in Manhattan and the Bronx, New York. We are devoted to fully understanding the unique goals and concerns of Westchester County residents and crafting individualized treatment plans for each patient. Led by Dr. David Shokrian, our team consists of highly skilled surgeons with vast experience dedicated to delivering exceptional care, whether it’s for body contouring or reconstructive surgery.

    Founded on the principles of tailored treatment and advanced technology, Millennial Plastic Surgery fosters a collaborative environment emphasizing open communication and realistic expectations for outstanding results. Our proficient surgeons, nurses, and aestheticians are committed to providing a seamless and supportive experience for patients from the Westchester County community, spanning from the initial consultation to the final stages of post-surgical recovery.

    Our Services in Westchester County

    Certified by the board and highly acclaimed, our top-rated plastic surgeons in Manhattan and the Bronx provide an extensive array of cosmetic procedures aimed at enhancing your natural beauty and addressing specific concerns. Whether you seek facial rejuvenation, body contouring, breast enlargement, or reconstructive surgery, our expertise and cutting-edge technology are poised to exceed your expectations. Some of our most sought-after procedures include:

    Patient Experience

    With more than 14 years of experience, Dr. David Shokrian is a seasoned cosmetic surgeon. His focus lies in advanced and precise procedures, emphasizing your safety and aligning his approach with your objectives. Widely recognized and esteemed by numerous patients, Dr. Shokrian holds a prominent reputation as the leading plastic surgeon in New York City.

    Clients’ Testimonials

    Dr. Shokrian and his office were absolutely exceptional throughout the whole process of my facelift. From the consultation to post surgery they took the time to answer all of my questions, gave great insights, and helped for a smooth recovery. I am 4 months post surgery and love my results. They are simply the best out there!

    Clients’ Testimonials

    I came to Dr. Shokrian for a breast augmentation this August. He is an excellent surgeon and the results far exceeded my expectations. The staff is so friendly and helpful and the environment of the office is welcoming. Dr. Shokrian and his staff were incredible from consultation to post-op. I got my dream results and had a dream experience. Thank you so much!!!!

    Top-Rated Plastic Surgery Clinic in Westchester County, NY

    For additional details or to arrange a consultation with the highest-rated plastic surgeons in Westchester County, feel free to contact our Manhattan, NY office at (212) 421-7123.

    Situated approximately 56 min away from Westchester County’s Croton Gorge Park, our plastic surgery clinic in Manhattan, NY, welcomes new patients and provides the utmost comfort and effective care. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals, whether it involves enhancing your natural beauty, addressing age-related concerns, or restoring confidence following a life-changing event.

    Dr. David Shokrian

    About Westchester County, NY

    Plastic Surgeon Westchester County, NYWestchester County, a verdant jewel nestled in the Hudson’s bend, beckons with rolling hills, whispering forests, and charming villages steeped in history. Here are charming river towns like Irvington, where art galleries and restaurants spill onto sidewalks lined with historic gaslights, and vibrant downtowns like White Plains, buzzing with world-class museums and a kaleidoscope of cuisines. Venture north and the Catskills unveil a haven of cascading waterfalls and verdant trails, your lungs bursting with crisp mountain air. In the rolling hills of Bedford, sprawling estates whisper tales of old money while craft breweries pour local microbrews in cozy pubs, live music spills from open doors, and diverse communities weave a vibrant cultural tapestry. Westchester’s soul isn’t just leafy landscapes and riverine charm but a vibrant pulse that beats in its picturesque villages and iconic landmarks like Kykuit, the Rockefeller estate.

    Westchester County is located in the U.S. state of New York. More than one million people were living here as of the 2020 census. With convenient train connections to Manhattan, it’s just around 30 miles away from NYC’s borough. Visit Westchester County’s official website here.

    Map and Directions

    In search of a plastic surgeon in Westchester County, NY? Discover our tailored makeovers from your face to your thighs near Westchester County, New York—a region marked by a dynamic and diverse community representing various ethnicities and backgrounds. Patients from surrounding communities, including Long Island, entrust us with their aesthetic goals.

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    Dr. David ShokrianI’m Dr. Shokrian, a cosmetic surgeon with over 14 years of experience providing advanced, targeted procedures tailored to your needs. As a master of body sculpting and fat transfer, I specialize in enhancing various areas of the body. With thousands of successful treatments under my belt, including liposuction and cosmetic surgery for the face, breasts, and body, I treat men, women, and people who are transitioning.

    My education, which includes a Medical Degree from the Tel Aviv University Sackler in Israel and two medical fellowships, has led me to realize that discovering an individual's inner beauty requires an open, direct relationship and a complete grasp of their own aesthetic desires.

    More about Dr. Shokrian

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