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    Best Plastic Surgeons in Long Island, New York. Providing the highest quality care from the initial consultation through to your final post-operative recovery.

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    Find the Best Plastic Surgeon in Long Island, NY

    Best Plastic Surgeon Long Island, NYLooking for a plastic surgeon in Long Island, NY? Visit Millennial Plastic Surgery in Manhattan or Bronx, New York. We are dedicated to understanding the unique objectives and concerns of Long Island residents and developing a treatment plan that is tailored to each individual patient. Our team, led by David Shokrian, MD, is comprised of highly skilled and experienced surgeons who are dedicated to providing the highest quality care, ranging from facial rejuvenation to reconstructive surgery.

    Millennial Plastic Surgery is founded on the principles of customized treatment and cutting-edge technology. We believe in creating a collaborative environment where open communication and reasonable expectations pave the way to outstanding results. Our highly qualified surgeons, nurses, and aestheticians are committed to guaranteeing patients from the Long Island community a smooth and supportive experience.

    Our Services in Long Island

    Board-certified, top-rated plastic surgeons in Manhattan and the Bronx offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures to enhance your natural beauty and address specific concerns. Whether you’re looking for face rejuvenation, body contouring, breast enlargement, or reconstructive surgery, we have the experience and technology to meet your expectations. Some of our most popular procedures are:

    Patient Experience

    David Shokrian, MD, is a cosmetic surgeon with over 14 years of expertise. He specializes in advanced and targeted procedures, prioritizing your safety and tailoring his approach to your goals. Dr. Shokrian is well-known and highly regarded by many patients as the top plastic surgeon in NYC.

    Clients’ Testimonials

    I recently had the most incredible experience at this office, and I just had to share it with you all. Dr. Shokrian and his team truly exceeded my expectations. I underwent a tummy tuck procedure to regain my confidence and let me tell you, it was life-changing. Dr. Shokrian's expertise and attention to detail were remarkable. He took the time to understand my goals and tailored the procedure to suit my wishes. The results are beyond incredible, and I couldn't be happier with my new, toned tummy. Thank you, guys, for giving me my confidence back!

    Clients’ Testimonials

    Millennial Plastic Surgery empowered me to embrace my body with a liposuction procedure. Under the expert care of Dr. Shokrian and Charmain, I felt heard and supported throughout the journey. The clinic's commitment to inclusivity and body positivity is truly commendable. They helped me sculpt my body according to my vision, resulting in newfound confidence and self-love. If you're ready to embark on a transformative journey that celebrates your uniqueness, Millennial Plastic Surgery is the empowering choice.

    Top-Rated Plastic Surgery Clinic in Long Island, NY

    For more information or to schedule an appointment with the best-rated plastic surgeons in Long Island, please call our Manhattan, NY office at (212) 421-7123.

    Located approximately 46 min from Long Island’s Bethpage State Park, our plastic surgery clinic in Manhattan, NY, accepts new patients and offers the most comfortable and effective care possible. We’re your partners in achieving your aesthetic goals, whether it’s enhancing your natural beauty, correcting age-related concerns, or restoring your confidence after a life-changing event.

    Dr. David Shokrian

    About Long Island, NY

    Plastic Surgeon Long Island, NYStraddling the Atlantic, Long Island stretches its arms for 118 sun-kissed miles, inviting you to dive into a world where urban buzz meets coastal bliss. Wander the historic lanes of Sag Harbor, where whaling captains once plotted their course, or lose yourself in the bustling energy of Montauk, where world-class waves meet trendy boutiques and celebrity sightings. Lush North Fork vineyards offer farm-to-table feasts, while vibrant downtowns like Huntington and Patchogue spill over with craft breweries and diverse cultural threads. From family picnics on pristine beaches to kayak adventures painted by the setting sun, Long Island is a playground for every soul, a symphony of urban energy and coastal bliss waiting to be discovered.

    Long Island is a densely populated island in southeastern New York State. More than eight million people were living here as of the 2020 census. With convenient train connections to Manhattan, it’s just around 54 miles away from NYC’s borough. Visit Long Island’s official website here.

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    Looking for a plastic surgeon in Long Island, NY? We offer customized makeovers from your face down to your thighs near Long Island, New York, home to a dynamic and diverse community of residents from various ethnicities and backgrounds. Our patients come to us from the surrounding communities, including Westchester County.


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