Arm Liposuction - Before And After Photos

Achieving sculpted and beautiful arms is a common goal. Dr. Shokrian's arm liposuction and mini arm lift method has been refined over time to focus on not just removing fat, but also sculpting and defining the arm through advanced techniques and technologies. This approach includes more precise shaping around the shoulder and tricep muscles, as well as using plasma technology for skin tightening.

Information on Arm Liposuction

Aesthetically pleasing arms should have a refined and athletic appearance. Dr. Shokrian prefers to make small incisions in the armpit and elbow for the arm liposuction procedure, as this approach allows for more precise and controlled removal of unwanted fat. The goals of arm liposuction are not limited to just removing fat and tightening skin, but also to shape and sculpt the arm to enhance its natural contours and definition. This is achieved by using advanced liposuction technologies and techniques, such as custom-made curved cannulas, Vaser technology and plasma technology. By taking a holistic approach to arm liposuction, Dr. Shokrian aims to create a natural and proportionate look, leaving patients with sculpted and beautiful arms.

Vaser technology is also preferred over other technologies due to its ability to melt unwanted fat and preserve connective tissue. The technology leads to an easier and smoother removal process, resulting in less trauma and inflammation for the patient and a shorter downtime period.

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For patients who may have concerns about loose skin after liposuction, we may suggest incorporating plasma technology as an option to tighten the skin. Plasma is the fourth state of matter, and when energy is applied, it causes contraction and re-organization of collagen in the deep layers of the skin. The unique aspect of using plasma technology with ionized helium is that it does not cause burns on the skin. This allows for unparalleled tissue tightening, particularly when combined with Vaser liposuction. We understand that every patient's concerns and goals are unique, and we strive to provide tailored solutions to help them achieve their desired outcome.

In some instances, patients who have lost a significant amount of weight may have a large amount of excess skin. To address this issue, we carefully discuss various skin removal strategies with our patients, taking into consideration their individual needs and goals. There are different options to remove extra skin from the arms. One option is to remove a small amount of skin from the armpit, called an armlift. Another option is to remove a large amount of skin which requires a long cut in the bicipital groove or middle of the upper arm. This is called a full armlift. 

Rest assured, we have the technology, techniques, and experience to provide the best possible results for any arm concerns and strive to help our patients achieve their desired outcome.

Recovery from Arm Liposuction

After the procedure, it is important for patients to wear full-length compression garments for two weeks to ensure proper healing and to prevent swelling from the elbow forward. While the recovery process may include some soreness for 10-14 days, patients are able to resume their daily activities within 48 hours and can gradually return to cardio and arm weight training within 2 and 3 weeks respectively. These temporary discomforts serve as a reminder of the positive changes to come and are a natural part of the recovery process.

Check out our BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS of ARM LIPOSUCTION performed by Dr. David Shokrian:

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