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    Revision Blepharoplasty

    Sometimes, surgery doesn’t go the way you’d hoped, especially when it comes to cosmetic procedures. Whether you’ve had unrealistic expectations and need further eyelid surgery, or you tried to cut corners and used a less experienced surgeon for a blepharoplasty surgery, revision blepharoplasty is available at Millennial Plastic Surgery in NYC. You can rely on the expertise of Dr. David Shokrian to take care of you and your needs at his Midtown Manhattan or Bronx locations. Call today for a consultation and find out how you can get the results you want.

    What Is Revision Blepharoplasty?

    Revision blepharoplasty is a procedure aimed at enhancing the appearance of your eyelids. It’s a highly specialized cosmetic surgery, often required when outcomes aren’t what you expected when you had your first eyelid surgery. It’s also possible that you had unexpected problems arise after your procedure. Revision blepharoplasty eyelid surgery refers to a repeat operation to address your issues. In many cases, revision eyelid surgery is far more complex than initial eyelid surgery.

    This complexity is due to several factors, including:

    It’s also possible that not everything can be fixed in one session. Some people may need staged revisions and special treatment to avoid scarring after revision surgery. That’s why you need a skilled cosmetic surgeon like Dr. David Shokrian and his talented team of plastic surgeons at Millennial Plastic Surgery in New York City. They have years of experience performing not only blepharoplasty, but all the cosmetic procedures for your face, body and breasts.

    Why Might I Need Revision Eyelid Lift Surgery?

    If you have previously paid the cost of eyelid surgery and are unhappy with the results, you may need revision blepharoplasty.

    A revision procedure might be beneficial if you encounter problems such as:

    Upper eyelid surgery may be a good option if you had eyelid lift surgery in the past and liked it, but now feel like you need it redone because of your continued aging.

    Symptoms that guide you to consider revision blepharoplasty may include:

    Symptoms that guide you to consider revision blepharoplasty

    What Happens during a Revision Procedure?

    The process usually takes one to two hours in total.

    Things that affect the time it takes, as well as the cost of eyelid surgery as a revision, include:

    When you rely on the experience of a talented cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Shokrian, you know going into revision surgery what to expect. And you can rely on him to know how to fix your eyelid issues and to deliver the results you want.

    The steps in this process typically include:

    How Long Does Revision Blepharoplasty Recovery Take?

    The duration of your recovery from revision surgery on your eyelids depends on your healing process, the intricacy of the operation and how well you follow post-op instructions.

    Your doctor’s post-op instructions may include:

    During your follow-up visits, your doctor advises you on when you can resume exercise and strenuous activities. It’s usually recommended that you wait a couple weeks. To prevent the need for further revisions, keep all follow-up appointments so your NYC doctor can monitor your healing.

    What’s the Typical Cost of Revision Eyelid Surgery in NYC?

    Your revision eyelid surgery costs usually run about the same as double eyelid surgery, between $3,000 and $12,000. Your final revision blepharoplasty cost in NYC takes into account many factors, from the cost of anesthesia to the difficulty of the procedure. Of course, your cost increases if you’re having any complementary procedures done at the same time. Insurance may cover the revision surgery if you’re having it done to address medical problems like pain and vision limitations.

    You can save revision eyelid surgery costs when the procedure is done right the first time. While anatomical and medical issues can arise to diminish the success of your eyelid surgery, you can expect the best eyelid surgery results and benefits when you rely on the experienced cosmetic surgery team in New York City at Millennial Plastic Surgery.

    If you’re seeking revision blepharoplasty, an initial eyelid lift procedure or any other type of cosmetic procedure — from a brow lift to a full face lift — contact the Millennial Plastic Surgery team in New York City for a free consultation.


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