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    Blepharoplasty Risks and Complications

    Naturally, there are risks involved anytime you undergo a surgical procedure, no matter how small. But when you rely on proven experience and the satisfied clientele who vouch for your surgeon, you greatly reduce those risks. In NYC, Dr. David Shokrian at Millennial Plastic Surgery has earned a solid reputation for safety and exceptional results for eyelid surgery — as well as other cosmetic procedures. Call the New York City practice today for a free consultation to learn more about the benefits of blepharoplasty.

    What Are the Common Risks Associated with Eyelid Surgery?

    During and after eyelid surgery, there’s a slight risk of redness, swelling, warmth, pain or discharge from the incision sites. Bleeding is a rare potential risk during or after surgery. Your surgeon recommends you avoid medications and supplements that increase bleeding risk before surgery.

    He offers pre-op and after-care recommendation to prevent other potential risks and complications, such as:

    You must follow all pre-and post-operative instructions carefully to reduce the risks associated with blepharoplasty. Discuss your medical history and concerns with your surgeon before the procedure to ensure you’re a good candidate for the procedure.

    The most important step you can take to mitigate risks and complications of blepharoplasty is to rely on the best in the industry. Trust an experienced surgeon who’s helped many achieve their desired results. Dr. David Shokrian, a skilled plastic surgeon at Millennial Plastic Surgery in New York City, brings over 15 years of expertise to ensure your procedure is safe and effective with minimized risks.

    What Can I Do to Prevent Blepharoplasty Complications?

    Your surgeon may advise you to avoid certain medications, such as over-the-counter blood thinners like aspirin and ibuprofen, and suggest you quit habits like smoking before and after your eyelid surgery.

    Other instructions may include:

    Pay attention to the signals your body gives you. Make sure to give yourself the time you need to rest and heal. If you feel any unusual pain, bleeding or infection, call your surgeon immediately.

    How to Avoid Blepharoplasty Complications

    How Can I Prepare for Eyelid Surgery to Avoid Risks?

    You can prepare yourself for eyelid surgery by quitting some habits like smoking and the use of alcohol before and after several weeks of your eyelid surgery. This reduces the risk of complications. Blood tests, a review of your current medications and tests of your overall health ensure you’re fully prepared for surgery.
    Additional steps you can take to prepare yourself for eyelid surgery include:

    Your surgeon may provide you with pain medication and antibiotics to fill before the procedure so that they’re ready when you need them at home. You also may receive dietary suggestions and a recommended skin care routine for the best outcome.

    How Can I Choose an Experienced Surgeon to Reduce the Chances of Complications during Surgery?

    Choose an experienced surgeon by reviewing the track record of past clients. Make sure there’s a history of successful procedures and satisfied patients. Check patient reviews and testimonials, and then look at the before-and-after photos on the website.

    Discover other factors that will help you determine the doctor’s skill, such as whether the surgeon:

    Communication between you and your surgeon must be effective. Experienced surgeons are better communicators and are able to explain complex medical information clearly. They can answer your questions in detail. Building trust with your surgeon makes you feel comfortable and confident throughout the process, reducing your anxiety and stress, which can also cause complications.

    How Does a New York City Surgeon Handle Blepharoplasty Complications if They Occur?

    Your surgeon documents the complication and the steps taken to address it by continuous monitoring your condition. This allows your doctor to catch any further issues early.

    An experienced surgeon quickly assesses the situation and takes immediate steps to stabilize you, such as:

    Complications during or after eyelid surgery are rare, but there are still risk factors. Finding an experienced surgeon who can handle any complications with expertise is easy in NYC because you can contact Millennial Plastic Surgery. Booking your free consultation with the highly experienced Dr. Shokrian ensures you’re in good hands for a safe and successful procedure.


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