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    Breast Reduction Before & After Gallery

    The before and after images of breast reduction surgeries showcased below depict genuine patients who have received treatment from Dr. Shokrian. These individuals have consented to the online display of their images. All visual content on this website is copyrighted and should not be reproduced, linked, or distributed in any manner.

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    Breast Reduction Before & After Gallery

    Mammoplasty Before After
    Breast Lift with Implants Before and After
    Mammoplasty Surgery Before-After
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    Dr. David ShokrianI’m Dr. Shokrian, a cosmetic surgeon with over 14 years of experience providing advanced, targeted procedures tailored to your needs. As a master of body sculpting and fat transfer, I specialize in enhancing various areas of the body. With thousands of successful treatments under my belt, including liposuction and cosmetic surgery for the face, breasts, and body, I treat men, women, and people who are transitioning.

    My education, which includes a Medical Degree from the Tel Aviv University Sackler in Israel and two medical fellowships, has led me to realize that discovering an individual's inner beauty requires an open, direct relationship and a complete grasp of their own aesthetic desires.

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